Eurosatory 2014: Water-Gen Wins French Army Tender for the Integration of Its Water Supply Systems Into All New VBCI Vehicles

The Company was named subcontractor to French company - INEO

Water-Gen will also supply the IDF and Israel's Home Front Command with SPRING Mobile Purification Systems

Water-Gen - a leading provider of tactical water supply solutions to Military, Police Forces, and NGOs - wins a French Army tender together with INEO for the supply of GEN40V atmospheric water generator systems and WTU water treatment units  for all new VBCI vehicles. The Company, which will also supply the IDF and Israel's Home Front Command with their SPRING mobile purification systems, will present its solutions at Eurosatory 2014, to be held in Paris June 16-20, Hall 6, Stand C468.

Water-Gen continues to consolidate its position as the global leader in the area of Water Supply, being selected as the sole supplier by the French company for its water supply solutions. According to global military standards, new combat vehicles require 3 days of logistic independence, which includes  a 300-liter supply of water - a quantity that these vehicles are unable to carry using regular means of storage.  Water-Gen's one-of-a-kind solutions enable the production and supply of water in the required quantities, while utilizing minimum space in the vehicle and without adding weight. Each vehicle will receive either the GEN40V or the WTU, according to the French Army's requirements.

GEN40V - Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generator Unit

The vehicle-mounted GEN40V extracts water from air and supplies cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the vehicle's crew. The system is optimized to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. Units are scaled to fit military tactical vehicles, and can be produced in different dimensions and shapes. Cold water is served from a tap within the system or inside the cabin. Water production is automatically maximized as ambient climatic conditions change. Water quality meets TB MED (USA), STANAG (NATO), World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Easy to operate and maintain, the unit includes Water-Gen’s patented GENius™ heat exchange technology, enabling extremely high energy efficiency (Wh per liter of water produced) and water production capabilities. The GEN-40V produces 30-75 liters/day (7-20 gallons/day) depending on environmental conditions.

WTU - Water-Treatment Unit for Vehicle HVAC or Ground A/C

Water-Gen's  Water Treatment Unit (WTU) harvests the water produced by A/C systems and purifies it to achieve high quality drinking water. The WTU can also be connected to the A/C controller in order to increase and optimize the water production capabilities of the system without disrupting its main function - moderating air temperature. The water produced by the A/C is passed through a filtration and sterilization system and through a mineralization filter that adjusts the acidity of the water and improves its taste and quality.

SPRING Mobile Purification System

Water-Gen will also supply SPRING, its back-carried mobile purification system, to IDF training bases - as well as to the Home Front Command for dealing with natural disasters. The battery-operated SPRING system uses a specially designed multi-barrier filtration method to purify severe chemical and microbiological contaminations, including pesticides, cyanide, and the entire range of bacteria and viruses. A unique control system continuously monitors the operational status of the unit and the quality of the water - both at the inlet and the outlet. If the unit detects a deviation from the required water quality or any suspected malfunction, it automatically shuts down and alerts the user. Suitable for a platoon or squadron, the unit pumps, filters, and dispenses fresh, pure water from any unauthorized water source, including tap water from a captured building, water tanks on roofs, wells, etc. Weighing only 12 kg. (26 lbs.), it can filter 180 liters (47 gallons) per single standard communication battery.

According to Arye Kohavi, Chairman and Co-CEO, "We are very proud to be selected by the French Army as a sole supplier for our most recent innovations - the GEN40V and the WTU. Water-Gen has received recognition as a creator of technological breakthroughs in the area of water supply for military forces; among recent honors is selection by the United Nations as one of the top 20 most innovative new technology companies in the world.  Our solutions are being used by a wide range of customers around the world, including armies, police forces, and NGOs. We invite everyone to visit our booth during the exhibition, and to learn more about our technology."

About Water-Gen

Water-Gen Ltd. develops and manufactures atmospheric water generation, treatment, and purification solutions for tactical maneuvering forces and forward operating bases. Water-Gen solutions are based on patented developments in the fields of heat exchange, water purification, and more. The company works together with national militaries and defense companies to design robust, innovative products that meet military and water standards. Water-Gen is a world leader in its fields of operation, and its products have been sold to the US Army, UK MOD, France MOD, Israel Defense Forces, and civilian and humanitarian organizations.

For further information:

Arye Kohavi

Chairman, Co-CEO

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