Eurocircuits eC-Stencil-Fix Offer

Free Prototype PCB Stencil Fixture Offer

Eurocircuits USA, LLC, an online manufacturer of prototype and small batch printed circuit boards, is offering a free eC-stencil-fix to North American customers ordering a Eurocircuits "PCB proto pack". The "PCB proto pack" delivers a batch of prototype PCBs and one or two laser cut stencils in a single low-cost package.  eC-stencil-fix completes the kit. It is a simple registration tool that automatically aligns the solder paste stencil to the printed circuit boards without the need for time-wasting adjustments. The key is Eurocircuits' registration system. Boards and stencils are manufactured with matching tooling holes that allow simple and precise registration using tooling pins in the eC-stencil-fix.

Once the eC-stencil-fix is set-up with the stencil, solder paste is squeezed through the openings and is applied only to the surface mount pads that require solder paste, making placement of components an easier task and eliminating the need for excessive touch-up and excessive solder removal.  This method allows anyone from the hobbyist to the professional to achieve the quality of a professionally built PCB. The FREE eC-stencil-fix, normally offered for $20.25, can be used over and over for different PCB part numbers.

You can see the eC-stencil-fix in action by pressing the “play” button at

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