EuroBLECH Fair 2012: More Effective Sheet Metal Processing with the Latest Developments from KEMPER

· Innovative product development: KemTab HiEnd

· Presentation of SparkTRAP spark separator

· Live presentation at the Fair stand

Vreden - KEMPER GmbH presents a number of innovations and further developments of its products at the EuroBLECH Fair in Hanover. From 23 to 27 October, the world leader in extraction and filter systems from Vreden (Westphalia) is displaying, among other products, its KemTab HiEnd, a cutting table for plasma cutting machines with over 300 amp cutting current and for sheet thicknesses over 250 millimetres. Also, for the first time, the SparkTRAP spark separator is being demonstrated. KEMPER is exhibiting in Pavilion 12 on Stand B64.

"The EuroBLECH Fair is the get-together in 2012 where we will be introducing the greatest number of innovations by our company," says Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER GmbH. He stated he was more than satisfied with the new products and the next generation of tried and tested extraction and filter systems. The highlights at the stand will be the KemTab HiEnd and Vibro cutting tables. The HiEnd represents the highest quality in the cutting table series and is designed for extreme conditions. Sophisticated users can work on it with very high cutting current and sheet gauges of over 250 millimetres.

By dispensing with load-bearing components in the cutting area and separating the air flow and mechanics, the KemTab HiEnd guarantees optimum extraction of all cutting dust and high safety levels even at extremely high temperatures.

The KemTab Vibro cutting table is equipped with an automatic discharge system. Slag and small particles produced during the cutting process are transported to the end of the table where they can be collected in a container and removed. The result is much better utilisation of the cutting machine and the consequent higher efficiency. At EuroBLECH, KEMPER is also displaying cutting tables that impress users with high cutting performance, high flexibility in material specifications and low maintenance and down-times.

Likewise at the show, their latest development, the SparkTRAP will also be demonstrated: a spark separator that filters glowing particles and prevents them from entering the filter system. Moreover, larger particles are retained. With a separation rate of more than 50 per cent, the SparkTRAP increases the service life of filter media in extraction systems by up to 300 per cent and thus saves considerable costs. "With our own in-house developments and further developments of existing products, we always pursue several objectives," says Kemper. He pointed out that new products are thus always accompanied by increased performance, better protection for employees and higher cost effectiveness for the company.

Also at the Fair, visitors can learn about complete solutions: starting with an extraction table for cutting machines, by way of the spark trap and the new filter system specifically for plasma cutting machines right up to the new DustEVAC.

This makes it possible to automatically discharge dust collected by the extraction and filter system into a big bag. As a result, interrupting production becomes unnecessary. If large quantities of dust are created, the DustEVAC takes care of removing it and increases staff safety by waste disposal which is practically contamination-free. Downtimes and cleaning intervals are considerably reduced.
KEMPER GmbH can be found at EuroBLECH in Hanover on Stand B64 in Pavilion 12. Appointments for personal discussions with the team at KEMPER can be arranged before the start of the Fair by calling +49 (0) 2564/68-129.

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KEMPER GmbH is a plant engineering company based in the Westphalian town of Vreden. The company's product groups include the fields of welding and cutting, and automation. In detail, these cover extraction and filter systems, as well as cutting tables for metal processing, and extraction systems for the electronics and automotive industries. Warehousing, automation and control systems, welding protection products, breathing protection systems, accessories, and servicing and maintenance services complete the portfolio. KEMPER is the world market leader in the fields of extraction and filter systems. The company was established in 1977 and employs about 300 workers. In addition to its headquarters in Vreden, KEMPER has production facilities in Shanghai (China) and Prague (Czech Republic). The company is represented worldwide by eight offices and numerous agencies.

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