Euclid Chemical Introduces Three Innovative New Products for the Concrete Industry

Product Launches Include EUCOWELD 2.0, LEVEL TOP PC-AGG and KUREZ DR VOX

CLEVELAND, Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Euclid Chemical Company, a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry, announces the launch of three new products, Eucoweld 2.0, Level Top PC-AGG and new and improved Kurez DR VOX.

Each high-performance product was developed in response to the needs of construction professionals and was designed to meet a different challenge for new concrete construction, as well as the repair, protection and curing of existing concrete structures.

Euclid Chemical will introduce the new products at the upcoming World of Concrete, the annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries, which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 4-7, 2020.

Eucoweld 2.0 is a liquid latex bonding agent for concrete repairs and toppings. This bonding agent is ideal for repairing concrete with cement-based mortars and concrete overlays and toppings. It represents a new generation of easy-to-use latex, which can be applied directly to the surface from the container. Created with a long open-time, repair materials can be placed after Eucoweld 2.0 has dried or while it's still wet. Drastically improving performance and stability, this unique non-EVA-based latex utilizes reactive chemistry for bonding, rather than depending on the moisture content of the repair material.

Level Top PC-AGG is a polishable, self-leveling overlayment with natural aggregate, that's easy to use and designed for new or worn concrete substrates. The high-early strength allows polishing within 24 hours of placement and provides excellent adhesion, toughness and long-term durability. It can also be used for countertops, tables, and other poured-in-place or precast applications. Plus, it can be ground, polished and dyed to achieve an appealing concrete appearance.

Kurez DR VOX is a dissipating curing compound that provides an excellent initial cure for concrete. Applications include concrete that will later receive a covering or coating, or concrete surfaces where a long-term membrane film is not desired. The new improved version is easier than ever to spray and apply with even coverage. The simple removal process helps reduce labor costs associated with preparing the floor for subsequent treatments and coverings. It also dries leaving a clearer film for a more attractive appearance.

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