Ethertronics' Ether 1.3.1 Antenna Technology Significantly Enhances Design Flexibility

Now Ready for Commercial Smartphones, the Adaptive Antenna Solution Leads to Device OEMs' Responsiveness to the Market

SAN DIEGO, -- Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF solutions to deliver the best connected experience, today launched Ether 1.3.1, an Adaptive Antenna solution. Now ready for integration in smartphones or other classes of phones, Ether 1.3.1 can realize design benefits such as 50 percent reduction in antenna volume, yet maintain compliant performance.

Obtaining design flexibility is paramount in realizing a rapid Time to Market (TTM). Ether 1.3.1 can realize this flexibility by allowing more degrees of freedom in the antenna structure design through the use of active impedance matching techniques. Not only can smaller volume antennas be achieved, but Ether 1.3.1 can be used to achieve compliance as the antenna system can be dynamically tuned for known challenge areas in specification compliance.

With respect to Ether 1.3.1's ability to obtain significantly smaller antenna volumes, work has already been done to realize the reduction in physical volume. The complementary implications to a device's design are obvious, with smaller possible mobile devices and better performance. The extension of this solution is the ability to offset head and hand effects to a mobile device. This inherent "detuning" of the antenna system can be offset using these techniques.

Ether 1.3.1 is ready for commercial deployment. Several design references have been accomplished to date. Ether 1.3.1 can support 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile device designs. Equally important, this solution can support any number of mobile device form factors.

"Mobile operators are spending billions on network upgrades to deliver multi-megabit speeds, but devices with poorly designed antenna systems undermine those investments by delivering performance that doesn't live up to customer expectations," said Barry Matsumori, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ethertronics. "Ether 1.3.1 enables device vendors to build smartphones and tablets that can work around whatever the environment throws at them, and still provides a consistently reliable, high-performance user experience."

Ether 1.3.1 represents a new line of advanced RF and antenna system solutions from Ethertronics. More solutions will be announced in the future.

About Ethertronics

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Ethertronics is a technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF solutions to deliver the best connected experience for operators, OEMs, and consumers. The company is established in designing and manufacturing high-performance embedded antenna solutions supporting a wide range of applications. The company's patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole(TM) (IMD) technology has a legacy as a strong foundation for passive, as well as active antennas designs. Ethertronics' technology has been selected by major customers with worldwide annual shipments well over 100 million annually. Ethertronics maintains a global network of design centers and manufacturing operations. For more information, visit

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