Ethernet to Instrument Interface complies with VXI-11.3.

Press Release Summary:

Model 8055 adapts GPIB instruments to Ethernet-based test systems, enabling access to these newly made VXI-11.3 instruments from any computer with NIC interface or over TCP/IP network. Used as external box or mounted inside instrument, VXI-11.3 compliant server enables instruments to be controlled by programs running in Windows and UNIX/LINUX OS. It supports reverse channel Service Request messages, as well as supporting multiple clients as part of its standard firmware.

Original Press Release:

Model 8055 Ethernet to Instrument Interface Announced by ICS Electronics

PLEASANTON, CA, April 23, 2008. Today ICS Electronics announced a new Ethernet to GPIB Instrument Interface that adapts GPIB instruments to Ethernet-based test systems. Called the Model 8055, this new interface provides access to GPIB instruments from any computer with a NIC interface or over a TCP/IP network. Typical uses are adapting expensive GPIB instruments to LXI or Ethernet-based test systems or sharing GPIB instruments among several users on a company network.

The Model 8055 is a VXI-11.3 compliant Server. Combining the 8055 with an IEEE-488.2 GPIB Instrument converts the GPIB instrument into a VXI-11.3 compatible instrument that can be readily controlled by programs running in both Windows and UNIX/LINUX type operating systems. Windows users can write test programs that make VISA calls. Both National Instruments and Agilent VISA libraries communicate with VXI-11 instruments. UNIX/LINUX and UNIX like operating system users (SUN, HP, Apple etc) can convert the VXI-11's RPC library into library fi les that can be called by C or JAVA programs.

VXI-11 is a communication standard developed by the VISA Consortium in 1995 in conjunction with the VISA Specifi cation. The VXI-11.3 sub-standard covers LAN-to-Instrument Interface servers like the 8055.

The 8055 is different from the existing Ethernet to GPIB Gateways that are used to control GPIB instruments over a company network. These existing GPIB Gateways are remote GPIB Controllers, handle multiple instruments and are 'gpib0' VISA resources.

The 8055 is designed to convert a GPIB instrument into an Ethernet-based instrument and is an 'inst' VISA resource. The 8055 can be an external box or mounted inside an instrument and gives the user the option of controlling the instrument from the GPIB bus or from the Ethernet port.

ICS's 8055 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller has several unique features: First the 8055 is 100% VXI-11.3 compliant which is an open communication standard. The 8055 supports reverse channel Service Request messages to alert the client application when an event occurs. The 8055 also supports multiple clients as part of its standard fi rmware. The 8055 a RoHS compliant assembly for use in products aimed at the European market.

The Model 8055 ships with ICS's VXI-11 Keyboard utility program and Confi guration Utility. The Confi guration Utility lets the user set the 8055's network settings and enter the instrument's GPIB addresses into the inst conversion table. The 8055 can handle instruments with up to 16 GPIB addresses. The VXI-11 Keyboard lets a user interactively control the 8055. Both utility programs run in a WIN32 PC.

Pricing for the Model 8055 is $550 each is quantities of 1 to 4 units, FOB Pleasanton, California.

Delivery is 4 to 5 weeks ARO.

ICS Electronics is a pioneer and leader in the design and development of IEEE 488/GPIB, Serial and VXI bus products. The 8055 is the latest member of ICS's family of VXI-11 Interface products. ICS Electronics is headquartered at 7034 Commerce Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94588. Phone (925) 416-1000. Contact Jerry Mercola, Marketing Manager for more information.

Trademarks: LabView is a trademark of National Instruments, Austin TX, VEE is a trademark of Agilent, Palo Alto, CA. GPIBAnyWhere is a trademark of ICS Electronics, Pleasanton, CA.

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