Ethernet Switch handles harsh environments.

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Etherbus (TM) mounts directly onto machine or exposed wall. IP67-rated packaging provides protection against water, oil, dust, and vibration. Switch operates in temperatures of -40 to 85 deg C. It has 2 Gbps bandwidth, 1 K MAC addresses, and eight 10/100 auto-detecting RJ45 ports. Rate filtering keeps network speeds constant under heavy use and packet transfer. It supports all standard Ethernet 802.3 protocols such as TCP/IP, IP, and NetBEUI.

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SIXNET announces the release of the Etherbus IP67 rated Ethernet switch. Etherbus is a fieldbus-style real-time Ethernet switch which can be mounted directly onto a machine or exposed wall in harsh environments. Its specialized IP67 rated packaging provides protection against water, oil, dust and vibration.

Because Etherbus is direct-mountable, users save time and money by eliminating the need for environmentally rated electrical enclosures and the expensive fittings for signal cables that enter them. Maintenance time is also reduced because of easier access to the cable connections.

Explaining the advantages of Etherbus, SIXNET president Steve Schoenberg noted that "now you can have the convenience of durable Fieldbus packaging coupled with the open systems flexibility that only Ethernet can provide."

The IP rating system is used in many countries to classify the degree of protection from solid objects and liquids afforded by electrical equipment and enclosures. An IP system rating of 67 for switch and control gear represents one of the highest protection classifications against both solid and liquid contaminants. Etherbus is totally protected against dust and against the effects of temporary immersion in liquids between 15 cm and 1m.

Etherbus switches use waterproof and vibration protected environmental connectors, which are also offered by SIXNET. These connectors have a standard RJ45 core that users can plug a RJ45 cable into for bench testing or for temporary field connections with laptop computers. Other Etherbus features include: 2 Gbps bandwidth; 1K MAC addresses; eight 10/100 auto-detecting RJ45 ports; industrial temperature rated -40 to +85 deg C; UL,CSA, CE and Zone 2 rated; automatic power saving; rate filtering (keeps network speeds constant under heavy use and packet transfer); plug-and-play; supports all standard Ethernet 802.3 protocols (such as TCP/IP, IP, NetBEUI).

SIXNET is an international supplier of industrial Ethernet, data acquisition, and industrial control products. Etherbus switches are currently available through SIXNET or online at

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