Ethernet Module transports IP video and power over coax.

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Based on IEEE 802.3af standard for PoE, Model CWFE1POCOAX allows CCTV camera to operate at remote locations without onsite power. Unit transports IP video from camera using existing coaxial cable, while delivering operating power for devices back through same cable to provide power for Power over Ethernet camera. Product delivers 15 W of 48 Vdc power to remote devices and transports Ethernet data at rates up to 100 Mbps over distance of 230 m.

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New ComNet Product Allows CCTV Camera to Operate at Remote Locations Without Onsite Power

ComNet CWFE1POCOAX transports IP video and operating power over Coax

Las Vegas, NV. - ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic and copper media transmission and networking equipment has released a unique product that transports IP video from the camera using existing coaxial cable while delivering operating power for the devices be transported back through the same coaxial cable to provide operating power for the Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera.

This all-new product, designated the ComNet CWFE1POCOAX, eliminates the need to have a separate power source at the remote location to provide operating power for the devices. Based on the IEEE 802.3af standard for PoE, the CWFE1POCOAX provides 15 Watts of 48-Volt DC power to the remote devices. The CWFE1POCOAX transports Ethernet data at rates of up to 100 Mbps over a distance of 230 meters.

This product allows the user to install or upgrade to IP cameras that can operate using PoE in remote locations while offering significant cost savings by not having to install a separate power source.

ComNet offers a complete line of products that allow Ethernet data be transmitted over standard 75-ohm coaxial cable circuits, making this unit ideal for those applications where it is desired to utilize an existing installed base of coaxial cable for Ethernet transmission.

The CWFE1POCOAX is another ComNet solution for upgrading an existing coaxial cable plant for use with Ethernet-based equipment; by avoiding the significant costs associated installing new network cabling.

"In many applications, users want to upgrade existing analog systems with the latest IP cameras and still utilize existing copper infrastructure. The CWFE1POCOAX provides that solution and solves the challenge of providing device power. We developed the CWFE1POCOAX as a true cost saving solution. By eliminating the cost for new transmission media and installing dedicated operating power, the cost to upgrade to Ethernet becomes manageable and gives the integrator a significant advantage," stated Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet President and COO.

"Bringing the CWFE1POCOAX to market as an extension of ValueLine brand is the result of real challenges faced by many of our customers", commented Frank Haight, ComNet Vice President of Marketing. " Our EoVDSL line has been in great demand since its introduction over a year ago as has ComNet PoE Switches and PoE media converters. A product that combines the cost saving advantages of our EoVDSL line with the functionality of Power over Ethernet was a natural extension and we anticipate great demand", Haight concluded.

ComNet is headquartered in Danbury, CT, USA in a state of the art manufacturing and production facility housing the key functions of engineering, production, shipping, sales, customer care, marketing and more. ComNet is an international company with offices located in Leeds in the United Kingdom covering Europe, Africa and Asia, and an office in Dubai covering the Middle East.

For more information, please contact Skip Haight at 203.796.5340; or e-mail ComNet at You may also find ComNet on the World Wide Web at Electronic files of this release and photos of ComNet products are available by contacting the ComNet Marketing Department via e-mail at

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