EtherNet/IP Servo Drive provides coordinated motion.

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Single-axis Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350, intended for low-axis machines, delivers motion control on EtherNet/IP. Leveraging single design environment, Integrated Architecture system scales from 200-10,000 I/O. This gives machine builders portability to migrate existing machine designs into higher-end machine designs and vice-versa. Safe, torque-off functionality helps protect personnel and increase productivity by allowing various tasks and maintenance to be accomplished without shutting down.

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New EtherNet/IP-Enabled Servo Drive from Rockwell Automation Provides Cost-Effective Coordinated Motion for Low-Axis Machines

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 servo drive extends integrated motion on EtherNet/IP to smaller applications

MILWAUKEE - The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 single-axis EtherNet/IP servo drive from Rockwell Automation delivers high-performance motion control on EtherNet/IP, the world's leading industrial Ethernet network. The drive can lower the cost to deploy integrated motion on low-axis machines found in applications such as: indexing tables, process skids, case packers, erectors and packaging.

When used with the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 Series of programmable automation controllers and the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus human-machine interfaces, the Kinetix 350 drive provides a cost-effective entry into the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system. Leveraging a single design environment, the Integrated Architecture system scales from 200-10,000 I/O, giving machine builders the portability to migrate existing machine designs into new, higher-end machine designs and vice versa.

"By leveraging EtherNet/IP for control and motion, machine builders can help their customers effectively integrate machine-level data with business-level data for improved management and decision-making," said Paul Sipe, product manager, Rockwell Automation. "The Kinetix 350 on EtherNet/IP also helps machine builders reuse code to reduce their design, installation and commissioning time. This leaves more time and funds to focus on innovation that will drive business growth."

To help protect personnel and increase productivity, the Kinetix 350 servo drive is equipped with safe, torque-off functionality. With the safe-off capability, tasks such as machine setup, cleaning, removal of jams and other maintenance tasks that previously required power-down conditions can now be accomplished without shutting down. Instead, drive output can be disabled, allowing faster machine restart.

The Kinetix 350 servo drive has an available 400W to 3kW power range to meet a wide array of global machine requirements, including support for 120-volt AC input, typical to power outlets found in nonindustrial settings.

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