Ethernet Direct Switches Selected by an International Golf Field Networking Application

Taipei, Taiwan, 13 August, 2010 - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to share an application of industrial-grade Ethernet switches in an international golf field application.

The NSSC Golf Club is the largest golf course in the Republic of South Korea. It caters to local and foreign golfers playing morning and evening flights. A golf club is where people socialize, relax, and enjoy nature. It is also beneficial to the health with the fresh air inhaled while exercising. The Golf Club has served not only the golfers but also their families relaxing in the spa and restaurants inside the club. And to accommodate all golfers, the club even opens at night for those who are busy in the morning and those who enjoy the evening ambience of the fairways.

The project involves the deployment of switches and sensors are used to control the lighting and power management of the fairway. These devices need to be operated in real-time so that the lights will be automatically switched on when the sun goes down. The lighting system has increasing levels of lighting power. For pathways, level 1 lighting power is used to help golfers, caddies, and also fairway rangers to navigate the pathways that lead to the club house. The roughs and fairways switch level 2 lights since the grass and markers acts as reflectors and make the handicap the same during the day time. Level 3 lights are switched on bunkers and water hazards for the safety of the golfers around the hazards.

For safety and ergonomic usability for the people around the fairway, Ethernet Direct was chosen to offer Husky series HUE-411, HUE-413, and HUE-421S. Golf course occupies an enormously large area. With lighting devices installed in a distributed manner across the entire field, a cost-effective industrial Ethernet solution is needed to establish a well-structured data transmission network. HUE-411 and HUE-413 is 5-port industrial unmanaged switch with 1 multi-mode/single-mode fiber port. Multi-mode fiber connections can provide long distance transmission up to 2km, while single-mode fiber connections can stretch up to 30km, adequately handling data transmission between the control room and the onsite devices. HUE-421S is a 6-port industrial slim switch with 2 multi-mode fiber ports. HUE-421S comes in compact size and serve as the middle part of the transmission network between the distributed installation of HUE-411/HUE-413 and the control room.

The Golf Club has real time sensors connected to the switches. Data and control signals come in and go out through Ethernet Direct switches, allowing the lighting system to automatically light up the club at a specific dimness of the sky. These switches operate on an extended operating temperature of -10 to 70°C which is perfect for the extreme temperature change on a golf course. Ethernet Direct has delivered a high performance switching technology suitable for the golf club lighting systems.

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