Ethernet Direct Awarded a Major Tunnel Project in Scandinavia Using HME-623 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Direct Awarded a Major Tunnel Project in Scandinavia Using HME-623 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch

Taipei, Taiwan - Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, is pleased to share one of our latest success applications in the transportation industry in Europe by offering HME-623, an Industrial Managed Switch with 6 port 10/100TX and 2 single-mode fiber ports as the standard product for this project. For detailed application stories, please visit

Norway is known for their underground innovations in terms of building road tunnels. The designers have installed unprecedented safety systems. Anyone even moving a fire extinguisher will trigger an alarm that makes lights flash in the tunnel and triggers signs saying "Turn and drive out" away from the spot. Traffic through the toll-free tunnel serve around 1,000 cars and trucks a day -- meaning typical gaps of hundreds of meters between vehicles. Security relies on extinguishers and telephones.

Road tunnels in Norway are equipped with fire detection and ventilation systems, and emergency exits. Tunnel operators must be able to put emergency plans into operation seamlessly. The monitoring and control system is extremely reliable and can handle the high bandwidth of data associated with video surveillance systems, as well as use its redundant fiber ring configuration to support the control of ventilation, lighting, traffic control signals, and emergency telephones. With tunnel monitoring systems, tunnel controllers are now instantly alerted when an accident, fire, or other emergency occurs unexpectedly. This instant access to accurate data allows personnel to make the best decisions under both normal and emergency conditions.

The project adopted Ethernet Direct's HME-623 and HME-623E Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches as its networking device, The system is structured on a real-time monitor network, and has comprehensive functions to manage both upper and lower network. The NMBS collects, transmits, processes, displays, records, and prints out the process data. In the case fire event, the system is capable to single all the indication system and trigger all the fire distinguishing devices in the under ground tunnels.

HME-623/E Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch satisfied every demanded specification for this the tunnel monitoring project. HME-623 has X-ring network redundancy which posed as an effective solution is providing high system availability and devices with fast redundancy behavior. A fiber optic network installed can guarantee the flow of information.

Ethernet Direct Winning Points

o Guaranteed high communication security

o Very fast redundancy behavior in less than 200 ms

o Industrial design of HME-623 with affordable pricing

o Easy installation and great local support offered

o Proven in tunnel monitoring system for previous track records

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