EterniTex Products Help Ropes and Cords Perform Better and Last Longer

These coatings and finishes are customized solutions engineered by Whitford, manufacturers of the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world. Whitford has been solving problems caused by abrasion, friction, etc., since 1969.

EterniTex products are known by a growing number of marine rope manufacturers to extend the life of their HMPE working ropes. Manufacturers of paper-carrier ropes choose EterniTex to lengthen the life of ropes subjected to the chemically harsh and mechanically demanding environments in which they must perform. EterniTex coatings also perform well on other substrates such as LCP and Aramids.

While these life-extending rope coatings and finishes have similar effects, they differ greatly in the manner in which they achieve their purpose. That’s because most of these products are tailor-made to fit the specific demands of the application.

At Whitford, we prefer to start with the problem you need to solve, then select or design the product to maximize its ability to achieve the specific solution required. For this reason, our line of EterniTex products is always growing. It’s possible that your specific need may lead to a version not yet developed.

Whether you want to extend the service life of your rope well beyond what conventional rope coatings do, or enhance one particular property, we (and EterniTex) can help.

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