ETEL's DynX Motion Systems Available in North America through HEIDENHAIN

Available in North America through HEIDENHAIN

Schaumburg, Illinois — HEIDENHAIN Corporation is proud to introduce ETEL's line of DynX motion systems to North America.  ETEL's DynX stage family consists of three sizes of direct-driven linear axes, three sizes of direct-driven rotary axes and one high precision ball screw-driven axes for vertical applications.

Direct-driven servo motors have established themselves as the drive technology of choice for high performance motion control applications. From automation applications to semiconductor and electronics industries, the constantly increasing requirements for improving throughput and flexibility in machines has led more manufacturers to choose the direct drive approach. Using ETEL's standard line of DynX systems, manufacturers can take advantage of extensive motion system research and development while concentrating on advancing their own core processes.

ETEL's DynX systems help minimize risk on critical specifications, shorten project timeframes, reduce development costs for motion systems, improve flexibility, serviceability and maintenance of the machine, and allow the machine builder to concentrate on their core process and added value.

DynX linear direct drive axes feature high precision recirculating ball bearings,  high accuracy optical encoders, and ironcore motors with zero backlash, resulting in performance of speeds up to 3 m/s, accelerations up to 5 g, bidirectional repeatability of ±0.5 µm at ±3 sigma, absolute position accuracy of ±2 µm after calibration, and position stability of ±50 nm. The DynX linear series also has high mounting versatility, an easy-to-access interface, and available options such as limit switches and Hall effect sensors for easy integration into any application.

DynX rotary direct drive axes from ETEL are equipped with toothless motor technology to provide zero backlash along with zero cogging force, ideal for applications requiring high speed stability. DynX rotary axes also include a high accuracy optical encoder, allowing for speeds up to 391 rpm, bidirectional repeatability of ±1.5 arc sec at ±3 sigma, position accuracy of ±3 arc sec after calibration, and position stability of ±0.2 arc sec. The DynX rotary series also has many features to ease integration into any application, such as a large hollow shaft, a low profile and low mass, and available options including limited strokes and air purge.

Through the comprehensive line of DynX systems, ETEL can provide complete competitive, high performance solutions in a wide variety of applications. These versatile systems are available with a range of options and features for easy integration, allowing manufacturers to save time and cost, while focusing their own efforts on core processes and real added value.

ETEL S.A. is based in Switzerland with exclusive North American distribution through HEIDENHAIN Corporation in Schaumburg, IL. As a leading international supplier of direct drive and motion control components and integrated systems, ETEL supports high tech industry with linear motors, torque motors, positioning stages, and motion controllers/systems.

For more information on ETEL's motion products and DynX systems, call ETEL Systems Product Specialist Mark Skaer at 847-490-7812 ( For information on all ETEL's products and services, visit or contact Public Relations Manager Kathleen Stoneski at HEIDENHAIN at 847-519-4702 (

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