Etching System features under-the-table mount marking gun.

Press Release Summary:

Model 7650 Airgrit® Etching System marks information on glass, plastics, ceramics, and polished metals without fracturing or distorting marking surfaces. Remote marking gun can etch area of 1.75 in. diameter. System operates by blowing fine aluminum oxide grit through nozzle onto rubber mask which includes information to be marked, producing permanent and distinctive frosted or etched impression.

Original Press Release:

Matthews Introduces More Versatile Mount Gun for Efficient Airgrit Etching System to Mark Glass, Ceramics, Plastics, Polished Metals

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 10, 2003 - Matthews International has announced an important new product upgrade of its Model 7650 Airgrit® Etching System, used particularly on glass, plastics, ceramics and polished metals without fracturing or distorting the marking surfaces.

The Model 7650 is engineered to mark information on flat glass (architectural and automotive), windows and doors, lenses, plastics, and polished metal products such as tools, drill bits and chrome plated steels. Newer market applications include dental instruments, metal hand dryers, and various decorative glass products. Larger size Matthews Airgrit Etching Systems are available in three models (7001, 7201, 7205).

Formerly available as a bench-top or under-the-line mounted unit (without remote marking gun), the new Model 7650 etching system features an under-the-table mount marking gun. This allows the unit's canister to be located separately from the marking gun.

With a remote marking gun that can etch an area of 1.75 inches in diameter, the new system makes machine components in the canister accessible for repair without the need to remove the mounted marking gun from the production line. Matthews' Airgrit System is an extremely fast marking method which operates by blowing fine aluminum oxide grit through a nozzle onto a rubber mask which includes the information to be marked. This produces a permanent and distinctive frosted or etched impression in glass, ceramics, plastics and polished metals which is ideal for brand recognition, date and batch codes, traceability, inspection, and instructional markings.

For additional information on this new system and other Matthews marking products contact Matthews International Corp., Marking Products Division, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Telephone: 412-665-2500. Fax: 412-365-2042. Web site:

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