ESPRIT 2008 at Moldmaking Expo 2008, Novi, Mich., April 23-24

The most powerful CAM software ever.

DP Technology, an innovator in the field of computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM), will display ESPRIT® Mold v9, its latest mold software release, at Moldmaking Expo 2008, scheduled to take place April 23-24 at the Rock Financial Showplace, Novi, Mich.

Featuring an end-user application approach, Moldmaking Expo 2008 is a comprehensive outlet for practical solutions for dealing with challenges on the job site. Among topics covered are strategies for cost-cutting and productivity improvement and technology innovation and application.

One-on-one demonstrations and presentations will be made available to those who visit the ESPRIT® display at booth No.221, where new features available within the latest generation of ESPRIT Mold will be showcased.

The latest release of ESPRIT Mold includes significant performance increases for the 3D programmer that result in the reduction of cycle times of 25-50 percent or more while simultaneously increasing part quality and reducing programming time and effort.

ESPRIT Mold is a member of the ESPRIT family of CAM software, which also includes programming for 2-5 axis milling, 2-22 axis turning, 2-5 axis wire EDM, and multitasking mill-turn machining and B-axis milling.

Each year, a new version of the ESPRIT Mold software is released, providing users with significant advancements. This particular release incorporates a large number of advancements that include a new geometric kernel that provides support for a wider variety of solid and surface part geometry, enhanced 3-axis machining cycles for increased performance, improved user interface - making it easier and quicker to create toolpath -improvements to the existing 5-axis machining cycles, and a new 5-axis "AutoTilt" machining cycle that automatically creates a collision free 5-axis machining cycle from existing 3-axis toolpath. ESPRIT Mold is designed to run on both Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems.

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