Escort Multi-Trip Cold Chain Logger for Blood Banks

Cost- Effective Solution for Blood Cold Chains

CHESTERLAND OH - The World Health Organization estimates that 2% of once-usable blood for crucial transfusions may be rejected by blood banks for various safety reasons--a waste of a potentially lifesaving resource. The safe storage and transportation of blood and blood products is absolutely necessary to protect these critical supplies so they can reach those in need. Around the world, blood banks (typically hospital labs) work hard to keep blood viable, refrigerating it at internal temperatures between 2°C to 6°C (36°F to 43°F), given the short life span of blood components. This painstaking process requires sophisticated temperature monitoring equipment, forming the blood cold chain from its collection from donors to its administration to patients requiring transfusions. However, this chain is very delicate-just one weak link can have potentially fatal consequences for patients. CAS DataLoggers is teaming up with ESCORT to provide the solution - the iMiniPlus Temperature Logger with Internal Sensor By placing in blood storage cabinets and coolers, the iMiniPlus offers optimum data logging reliability and high accuracy at a low cost, making a significant contribution to blood safety.

Transportation of blood between and within blood banks is commonly handled using cooler boxes containing frozen ice packs to maximize the blood's cold life. Measuring a light 83 x 57 x 18 mm, the iMiniPlus fits easily into these coolers to closely monitor the contents and is equipped with an internal temperature sensor with a range of -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) and high resolution of 0.1°C (+32°F). Readings are performed at a high accuracy of ±0.5°C from -40°C to -10°C and ± 0.3°C from -10°C to +70°C. The data logger's large multiple-function LCD display gives a clear reading of current blood temperature, along with the blood's highest, lowest, and average readings for the trip's duration. Start and stop buttons make operation easy, and the spacious memory stores up to 8,048 readings for long hauls. Additionally, the iMiniPlus is rated IP65 with its cap on, protecting against rough roads and other damage.

Simple thermometers aren't adequate to guarantee blood safety. Thermometer temperature monitoring places unworkable demands on donor clinic staff who can't constantly monitor the blood, much less outside working hours. Performing continuous logging features, the iMiniPlus incorporates advanced alarm settings and programmable start function. Customizable alarms activate if the cooler or cabinet temperatures go outside of acceptable temperature ranges. Bookmarking features are also standard.

To comply with strict quality standards, a continuous temperature record of all storage contents needs to be kept, and here the iMiniPlus entirely replaces traditional temperature recorder charts. At the end of every shipment, the data logger is retrieved by lab and clinic staff and connected to a PC to download its recordings via USB to serial port cable with no interface required, providing a highly accurate record of the cabinet/cooler temperature. ESCORT Console or Console Lite multi-language software provides user-friendly operation for easy programming and download.

A cost-effective blood cold chain program can only be sustained if temperature monitoring equipment is both affordable and accessible at all levels of the health care system. The iMiniPlus offers a low-investment solution for blood banks, offering improved accuracy, resolution, and memory capacity to keep these valuable supplies monitored through every link of the chain.

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