ESC BAZ to Supply Asian Armed Forces with Its "AMI"- Man-Portable Surveillance and Force Protection Systems

Kibbutz Einat, Israel - ESC BAZ, a provider of advanced surveillance, observation and reconnaissance systems for defense and security applications, has announced today the winning of a contract to supply a customer based in Asia with its advanced man-portable remote control system. ESC BAZ has been selected for the contract following extensive evaluation and field tests conducted by the customer.

AMI - man-portable remote control system - provides protection to forces, while implementing ambush, observation and surveillance missions. The system provides superior day and night observation capabilities "on-the-move", and allows safe remote operation and quick deployment under variable field conditions. It is equipped with a lightweight, robust and highly precise pan and tilt unit, a CCD day camera, and a thermal camera for night vision. The AMI, a highly scalable and modular system, has a built-in control unit that provides the user with full control of the pan and tilt unit, of the CCD and thermal cameras, and of all the additional accessories, such as laser range finders, GPS, and laser illuminator/pointer. AMI has been proven in battle, is lightweight, easy to carry, ruggedized and weather-resistant. It incorporates a single, all-in-one cable of up to 50m length, or can be operated via wireless communication.

"The winning of this challenging contract is yet another indication to the success ESC BAZ enjoys worldwide with the AMI man-portable surveillance system", boasts President and CEO of ESC BAZ, Mr. Benny Zviran. "AMI seems to be the preferred choice to the growing need to protect forces equipped with hand-held thermal imagers against hostile fire", he goes on to say. "ESC BAZ specifically designed the system to be remotely operated and to be compatible with all leading EO binoculars available in the marketplace today". Mr. Zviran noted that the system has already proved to be highly effective in ambush missions and in short, medium and long range surveillance and observation.

Following the great interest AMI is generating, ESC BAZ is currently negotiating the supply of the system to various additional defense forces worldwide.


With over a decade of hundreds of installations and gathered experience in the development, implementation, integration and support of advanced electronic and electro-optic surveillance and observation systems, for both defense and security applications, ESC BAZ has proved to provide reliable solutions that incorporate customer feedback and input from the field. It offers a wide range of operational, cutting-edge video-based reconnaissance systems, both fixed and portable, as well as advanced tactical Bluetooth communication systems for Overt and Covert Security professionals.

Among ESC BAZ customers are various defense, security and police Israeli forces, as well as worldwide military and commercial /civilian customers. The company is privately owned and operates from its headquarters in Israel.

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