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AccessYourBiz-Lean ERP manages all functions of organization with Lean Concepts imbedded into functionality. Accounting and manufacturing software package contains full GL functionality, Bill Of Materials (BOM), job orders, Lean purchasing, Lean receiving, office Lean, and Lean invoicing. Other manufacturing features include lot control and back flushing and Lean features include Kanban Inventory Control with system-supported Kanban two-bin system.

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Weber Systems Inc. Announces a Lean Alternative to ERP/MRP Software

Weber Systems Inc. Announces an Alternative to ERP/MRP Software:
New Lean ERP Software Containing Lean Philosophies In All Functional Areas.

September 1, 2007 - Weber Systems Inc. of Smithtown, NY announces immediate availability of AccessYourBiz - Lean ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for manufacturers or distributors. Lean Manufacturing is an initiative focused on eliminating all waste in manufacturing processes, resulting in a more competitive and profitable position in the applicable industry. Through a joint partnership, Scott N. Weber, V.P. of Weber Systems, and Robert W. F. Krause, an independent ERP/MRP/Lean Specialist, have developed a totally unique product to manage all functions of an organization with Lean Concepts imbedded into every aspect of the software functionality. The design focus of this software is to increase the net throughput of an entire organization from Sales to Shipping, including Lean Manufacturing. This software has taken Lean Manufacturing concepts and expanded these philosophies into every functional group within an ERP System.

New Product Overview

According to Robert Krause, "This software is a totally new product with a totally new concept. It brings Lean Manufacturing principles to the highest level possible; to the ERP System software itself that actually runs the organization. Our Lean ERP System software replaces the typical ERP or MRP system with a comprehensive Lean solution for all functional groups and activities ranging from Sales to Shipping/Receiving. In addition, it naturally supports the Lean Manufacturing initiatives of inventory reduction and increased inventory turns. Our software is designed to remove the manual software interface (Kanban Cards) and replace them with automated Kanban Replenishment. Our Lean ERP System Software will absorb the increased transactions resulting from the efficiencies obtained from a Lean Campaign. Our mission statement is to reduce waste in every human endeavor."


The software has a unique history in its creation. "I have managed numerous manufacturing companies," says Robert Krause, "in which I was responsible for virtually every department. I have also implemented many ERP or MRP software packages, and I discovered that each one has its own personality or specialty. I also noted how these ERP or MRP systems interface with each of the various departments in an organization. I have witnessed the high level of frustration generated by poor user interface and the increased work load caused by inherent software inefficiencies. For example, most ERP products incorporate a control personality with an audit trail thought process regardless of the overhead that is introduced, and as a result, forcing non-value added activities onto a corporation. My goal was to start from scratch, and develop an ERP software that would eliminate these issues, maximize efficiency and profitability for the entire organization."

Bringing the Concept To Reality

As Robert Krause explains, "After completing a successful Lean Manufacturing campaign of an electronic amplifier company, obtaining 20+ inventory turns, and reducing inventory by 86% and perpetual inventory was just 1% of annual sales. All of which are excellent results but I realized that the next obstacle for a Lean efficient company was the actual ERP System Software itself. It seemed every ERP or MRP system had a Non-Lean conception. No matter what I did to work around these issues, I began to see clearly that it wasn't designed to be Lean and that it never would be Lean. This realization led me to begin designing a Lean ERP Software System with all the tools built-in to support a Lean Campaign, while also reducing waste on the administrative side of the organization. I wanted to design-in the best of what I've seen in my experiences, and throw away all of the non-value functions."

"To obtain this objective," Robert Krause continues, "I needed to align myself with a successful software provider with sufficient track record to assure customers that we will have the longevity to provide continued support after the sale. I also needed an accounting professional to complement my manufacturing skills. After extensive research, I found Weber Systems Inc., a well-established software company providing accounting software solutions since 1988. I arranged a meeting with V.P. Scott Weber, also a software developer. At our first contact, he was not familiar with the term "Lean", but when I reviewed his package, I found it had a definite Lean personality. After developing a partnership, we began the laborious task of designing a new Lean ERP System incorporating the Lean philosophy into both the accounting and manufacturing functions of its source code. Two years later, we have numerous customers and excellent references. Customers require an average of two to four weeks to complete implementation. We are definitely ready to announce a mature product to the Lean World with a new website and a new look," Robert Krause says with pride.


Weber Systems Lean ERP Manufacturing Software is a totally integrated accounting and manufacturing software package containing full GL functionality, Bill Of Materials (BOM), job orders, Lean purchasing, Lean receiving, office Lean and Lean invoicing. Other manufacturing features include lot control and back flushing. The Lean features include Kanban Inventory Control with a system-supported Kanban two-bin system. The software is currently retailing under $35,000 with multi-user license. For more information, visit: or call 631.724.9400, ext 11.

Contact Information:

Scott N. Weber
631.724.9400, ext 11

Robert W F Krause II

Weber Systems, Inc.
22 Lawrence Ave. Suite 101
Smithtown, NY 11787

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