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ERP Software includes new FAA 8130-3 form.

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Jan 14, 2014 - PENTAGON 2000SQL™, conforming to business processes, QA systems, and regulatory requirements in aerospace, defense, and electronics industries, offers FAA 8130-3 system module that incorporates form changes required by U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Order 8130.21H dated 08/01/13. Concurrently maintaining prior form 8130-3 (06-01) and form 8130-3 (02-14) lets users upgrade when needed and access both forms at their discretion.

PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. - New York, NY

Original Press Release

Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc. Releases New Version of Electronic FAA 8130-3 Form

Press release date: Jan 07, 2014

Upgraded form is available at no charge to existing licensed customers under support agreement.

New York, New York -- In support of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Order 8130.21H dated 08/01/13, Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc. has made available a new version of the FAA 8130-3 system module that incorporates the form changes required by this order. Both the prior form 8130-3 (06-01) and the new form 8130-3 (02-14) will be maintained concurrently within the system so that affected customers can have the flexibility to perform the upgrade at their convenience and have access to both forms for their use.

Gabriel Mofaz, President at PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. said “The global aviation regulatory agencies continue to place increasing burdens on the industry. Within our software system, we support the aviation regulatory requirements for dozens of countries around the world so that our customers can spend more time focusing on their business while leaving the functional capabilities and support of their IT application infrastructure to us”.

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