Ermator Introduces Two New Vacuums for Restoration and Abatement

Tampa, Florida - Ermator is already well known in the concrete flooring industry as the market leader for HEPA Extractors that connect to floor grinders, scarifiers and shot blasters. Now, they are also gaining a prominent place in the Abatement and Restoration industry with the introduction last year of their two smaller HEPA vacuums.

The S25 and S50 are wet/dry vacuums featuring individually tested and certified HEPA filters, great for all-round use.

Both units can be used for picking up hazardous materials like asbestos, lead and mold as well as concrete, wood and plaster dust.

The high quality and better performance are what differentiate the Ermator models from regular shop vacs.

"We sign up new distributors every week", said Fredrik Akermark, V.P Sales and Marketing. "It seems like companies in the abatement and restoration industry are starting to demand higher quality, and they are learning to appreciate the advanced features and benefits of our line of vacuums."

The S25 and S50 have a lot of features that make them attractive for many different applications, and many abatement and restoration contractors are choosing the two Ermator models over more traditional vacuums.

The S25 and S50 are designed as wet and dry HEPA vacuums. No expansion rings are needed to make the vacuum work both wet and dry.

The moderate price is another motivating factor.

Features of the two vacuums include:

o Electronic water level guard - protects the motor from wet slurry and prevents overfilling the vacuum.

o Electric outlet - provides power for power tools. The vacuum starts and stops automatically on demand from the power tool.

o Automatic filter shaking system - assures clean filters and uninterrupted operation.

o Filter sensor - reads the airflow through the filter and starts the filter vibrator when airflow is too low.

o Safe filter change - Hepa filters can only be disconnected from the clean side - secures safe handling for operator

o High filtration bag - protects the HEPA filter, providing a large pre-filtration area and long continuous run without filter clogging.

"We see a huge potential in this industry, and not only because our products use very modern technology", Akermark said. "Many other suppliers are beginning to sell directly over the Internet. We want to go to market the traditional way, through distributors. We believe we need market, application and product feedback from well-educated and experienced distributors in order to keep growing and developing. We also believe contractors want to have a distributor close by for service, advice and parts."

For more information visit our website at, or call 813-684-7091 to locate the distributor nearest to you.

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