Ergonomic Computer Mouse looks, feels, and moves like pen.

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Featuring pen-like grip, Penclic Mouse provides solid control with minimal hand and finger movements, facilitating precision in demanding graphic exercises such as image editing, illustration, and CAD-related tasks. Ergonomic qualities help avoid strain and cramping in user's arm. Available in USB or wireless versions, pen is equipped with 5 programmable buttons and scroll wheel. To adjust to user preferences, sensitivity can be altered in several steps from 800–2,400 dpi.

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Penclic Mouse: Excellent Graphic Precision Through Ergonomic Design

STOCKHOLM, Sweden,  -- Penclic's revolutionary mouse design, resembling a pen in a holder, has received much well-deserved rave for its outstanding ergonomic properties. But as excellent as these are, the attentive focus may have overshadowed another, just as noteworthy quality of the innovative device: its advantages over the traditional desktop mouse in both professional and home graphic work.

The advantage derives from the unique, new-thinking design and the way the Penclic computer mouse [ ] handles. While traditional computer mice require quirky and sweeping arm movements to manoeuvre, navigating the Penclic Mouse works very much like the pen it resembles.

The pen-like grip provides solid control by just minimal hand and finger movements. It works like an extension of your fingers, which facilitates remarkable precision in demanding graphic exercises such as advanced image editing, illustration and CAD-related tasks. Thanks to its ergonomic qualities, the precision mouse by Penclic also helps avoid the strain and cramp-like feelings in the user's arm associated with extensive mouse handling.

Users accustomed to digital drawing tablets will immediately recognise and feel comfortable with the way the Penclic Mouse performs, and other users will have no problems getting the hang of it either. The learning curve is short, and most users should have overcome any initial hurdles within the first few days.

The Penclic precision mouse is, however, not intended as a substitute for the drawing tablet, rather to provide a much more precise complement than the traditional mouse can offer. But away from home or the office, when the tablet feels to bulky to bring along, the Penclic Mouse can be an ideal stand-in for just about any task, except such that rely on the tablet's pen point for perfect results, such as complex image masking or isolating.

The pen is equipped with five programmable buttons (left, right, middle, back and forward by default) and a scroll wheel that are all readily accessible at you fingertips. To adjust to user preferences and the task at hand, the sensitivity can be altered in several steps from 800-2400 dpi.

The Penclic Mouse is available in two models: with USB connection or wireless. It is compatible with all operating systems that support HID 1.1, among these Windows XP, MacOS X and Linux/BND.

For further information about Penclic, please contact: Penclic at +46-8-544-98-995,,

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