Ergonomic Cart handles tall containers.

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Low Rider Cart can be tipped up to 60°, while pivot point takes cart within 9 in. of floor. Variable stops at 15, 30, 45, or 60° are controlled by foot pedal. Cart can also have fixed stop, depending upon height of box. When container is empty, counter-balance automatically pivots box upright. Worker can position cart loaded to full 2,000 lb capacity using just 35 lbs of force. Unit includes six 8 in. casters with no-maintenance sealed bearings.

Original Press Release:

New Low Rider Cart Makes Deep Digging Easy

(Sturtevant, WI) - Tall containers are desirable for getting a larger number of parts to the assembly line using fewer trips, while taking up minimal floor space.

However, reaching into these containers for those last several parts can put a real strain on the waist, back, shoulders and arms, especially for shorter employees.

TOPPER INUDSTRIAL introduces the Low Rider Cart, the latest version of its Ergo-Carts that offers the key ability to handle a tall container, lower the pivot point, and easily tip the container up to 60 degrees for easy access. The container rides low, and as the pivot point takes the cart within 9" of the floor thanks to a notched frame, its ultimate tipped position is as low as possible.

TOPPER can build the Low Rider cart to have variable stops at 15, 30, 45 or 60°, controlled by a foot pedal, or can have a fixed stop depending upon the height of the box. The user is in control of the speed of the tilt. When the container is empty a counter-balance automatically pivots the box upright

Once the cart reaches its destination, the worker can position the cart loaded to its full 2,000 lb capacity using just 35 lbs of force.

The cart has six 8" casters with no-maintenance sealed bearings. The two wheels in the middle and fixed position, the other four swivel.

A foot pedal locks the cart into place. This ease of movement brings another ergonomic benefit, enabling the cart to be positioned comfortably during course of a shift.

As with all of its products, TOPPER INDUSTRIAL can provide timely and cost-effective custom versions of the Low Rider Cart. Options include a hand brake that slows and assists in stopping a rolling cart.

TOPPER INDUSTRIAL has 30 years experience in making fabricated products including steel material handling containers, custom material handling racks, non-powered over and unders and many specialty items for industrial applications nationwide.

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