Ergonomic Assist Devices aid manual loading of containers.

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As companion product to Destuff-IT™ Unloaders, Restuff-IT Loaders™Â help workers load bags, boxes, and totes into shipping containers and trailers. These adaptable powered conveyor accessories with adjustable Worker Platform meet demand at warehouse and distribution centers with outbound shipping docks that require floor loading into containers/trailers while helping prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) caused by repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying, and overhead reaching.

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Restuff-IT Loaders Ergonomic Assist for Manual Loading of Containers & Trailers

Restuff-IT Loaders™ – designed and manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.  - are an ergonomically designed adaptable powered conveyor accessory with an adjustable Worker Platform to help workers load bags, boxes and totes into shipping containers and trailers. It is a companion product to Destuff-IT™ Unloaders that were launched in February 2012.

Development of this new innovative product was in response to a significant demand at warehouse and distribution centers with outbound shipping docks that require floor loading of boxes, bags and totes into shipping containers and trailers. Typically, telescopic extendable conveyors are used to bring product to workers in the container or trailer for manual stacking floor to ceiling. Floor loading is required for several reasons. Destination locations typically are stores that do not have shipping docks and are not set up to receive pallets, requiring ground level off-loading.

Workers doing this manual handling are at risk of physical injury (Musculoskeletal Disorders - MSD) due to repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching. Injuries can be painful, permanent and expensive. Employers are encouraged to invest in ergonomic intervention devices that reduce the MSD injuries. Statistics tell that these risk factors are the major single contributor to worker injuries in North America.

Both Restuff-IT Loaders™ and Destuff-IT™ Unloaders are ergonomic assist devices that offer benefits to both workers and organizational management. Benefits include: productivity gain, reduced labor costs, fewer injuries – Better Profit Margin.

Productivity Gain – Using a Restuff-IT™ Loader workers are more efficient in their lifting operations and can increase their case rate significantly.  They stand on an adjustable personnel platform optimizing their vertical position.  Workers easily adjust the pivoting conveyor belt to transfer product from conveyor to stack position using a sliding or pivoting motion. Using an ergonomic assist such as Restuff-IT™ Loaders, warehouses and DC’s can realize more output, improve loading time and dock productivity.

Reduced Labor Costs – The Restuff-IT™ is designed for continuous use in multi-shift operations. Labor costs correspond to loading time and the number of personnel required for the job. Restuff-IT™ Loaders positively influence labour costs by increasing the loading case rate per hour, in addition to increasing opportunity for full shift scheduling with fewer workers required.

Organizations with few compensation claims from injured workers have lower insurance premiums – yet another cost savings.

Fewer Injuries – result from reduced worker fatigue and strain, a significant benefit of intentional ergonomic design. Enhanced work places play a part in improving worker satisfaction. Ergonomic assist devices increase opportunity for workers to remain in the workforce longer (there is a trend towards older workers) and stay healthier with fewer injuries.

The Restuff-IT is just one of many lifting solutions manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) a provider of overhead material lifting equipment with over 40 years of experience.

ELS offers a full line of cranes, below the hook devices, ergonomic lift assists, and transfer carts, all of which are engineered for safety and performance. Additionally, ELS offers services of: design engineering, fabrication, certification and installation.

For additional information about Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. or to locate a dealer, visit the company website at or call [800] 263-9823. Restuff-IT™ and Destuff-IT™ are registered trademarks of Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

For more information on ELS transfer carts please visit to learn more about Restuff-IT™ & Destuff-IT™ Please contact us at 800-263-9823 or

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