Eraser Co. Press Release for Model CS800 Auto Wire Cut & Strip and APF100 Prefeeder & Wire Payout System

Eraser's Model CS800 Wire Cut & Strip is a fully programmable, fully electric bench top wire cutter and stripper. The unit can process wire from 10AWG - 30AWG and can quickly and precisely cut and partial strip 6,150 pieces per hour at 2.5" lengths (63.5 mmø¸), and 5,700 pieces per hour at 4'' lengths (101.6 mmø¸). With programmable batching and ten variable feed rates, the CS800 is the perfect production tool for complete automation.

Eraser's Model APF100 Prefeeder and Wire Payout machine is designed for wire sizes.030" -.312"OD (.762mmø¸ - 7.9mmø¸) dependent upon material condition. The APF100 can be used with any Wire and Tubing Cutter or Cut & Strip machine. The unit prevents material overruns when used with intermittent feed machines. The maximum drive speed is 100 inches per second. Free-standing and weighing 55lbs (24.95Kg), the APF100 will accommodate reels up to 18" (457.2mm) in diameter and 12" (304.8 mm) in width.

The Eraser Company, Inc., celebrating its 98th anniversary in business, manufactures a wide range of industrial products including wire, cable and tubing cutters, wire and cable strippers, wire twisters, wire brush wheels, dereelers, infrared heating equipment, measuring tools, and fybRglass® erasers. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified. The company offers Free E.S.P. (Eraser Sample Program). Send a 10-20 foot sample of your material and Eraser will recommend the best solution for your processing needs from its line of more than 200 products. For unique processing needs, Eraser will custom design a solution for you. For more information on Eraser's entire product line visit or call 315-454-3237.

Laura Prattico
The Eraser Company, Inc.
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Syracuse, NY 13221
Phone: Toll Free: (800)724-0594
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