Equalseal.com Offers Three Brands of Form-In-Place Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

Now available to buy on-line, any of three brands of expanded PTFE Joint Sealants from Equalseal.com now. All three are made from pure, 100% PTFE moldable resins and are available in a number of cross sections and spool lengths.

Gore GR Joint Sealant

GORE® Joint Sealant, the original form-in-place gasket, is the most cost-effective alternative to sheet gasketing for large equipment flanges. GORE® Joint Sealant can be used in practically every type of sealing application, and it is ideal for sealing complex surfaces and rough or pitted flanges. GORE® Joint Sealant minimizes leak potential, lost production, maintenance time, and risk of catastrophic failure. It is the most reliable means of optimizing long-term system performance.

For more info: http://www.equalseal.com/PTFE-Joint-Sealant-s/2261.htm

Produra® Brand Joint Sealant

PRODURA® universal joint sealant is a chemically inert cord sealant made from 100% expanded PTFE. It is an ideal form-in-place sealant for industrial gasketing users who, for standard applications, wish to balance sealing reliability with cost

For more info: http://www.equalseal.com/PTFE-Joint-Sealant-s/2261.htm

Equalseal EQ 535 ePTFE Joint Sealant

Eqaulseal.com Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant is a soft, compressible gasket material made of 100% pure, expanded PTFE. It is a form-in-place gasket that conforms to almost any sealing surface. Upon compression, it forms a thin, hard ribbon that fills in surface irregularities and creates an extremely tight seal. It is capable of withstanding a wider range of pressures, temperatures and chemical environments than any other soft gasket.


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