Equalseal.com Now Gives the Buyer a Way to Order Garlock Gylon® PTFE Gasket Materials

Equalseal.com now gives the buyer a way to order Garlock Gylon® PTFE gasket materials on-line, in full sheets, cut sheets and cut gaskets. Equalseal.com also offers a complete complement of Equalseal brand performance equivalents to Gylon®

Genuine Garlock Gylon® PTFE Gasket Materials – The leading filled PTFE product in world for the last 40 years

Now available to buy on line, genuine Garlock:

Fawn Gylon® 3500 PTFE and Silica fillers


Blue Gylon® 3504 PTFE and Glass Microsphere fillers


Offwhite Gylon® 3510 PTFE and Barium Sulfate fillers


Gylon® 3540 100% PTFE


Gylon® 3540 100% PTFE

Equalseal.com Filled PTFE Gasket Materials

Eqaulseal.com filled PTFE Gasket Material is made of 100% DuPont® PTFE resins and various fillers to produce a truly premium sealing product. Available in full and partial sheets, ANSI standard gaskets, and custom sizes at reduced prices.

EQ 500 PTFE and Silica


EQ 504 PTFE and Glass


EQ 510 PTFE and Barium Sulfate


EQ 535 100% ePTFE


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