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EQ — The Environmental Quality Co.

Where do you turn when you're faced with one of the industry's toughest environmental problems? Today, many turn to EQ, one of the nation's industrial service leaders, specializing in difficult environmental problems and offering safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions. With its recent acquisition of Allstate Power Vac Inc. (APV), EQ offers customers in oil and gas, chemical, utilities, manufacturing and other sectors innovative solutions to meet their industrial cleaning, tank and oil processing, marine and emergency services, and sewer service needs.

Paired with EQ's industry-leading transportation and hazardous waste treatment and disposal capabilities — including naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and technologically enhanced NORM (TENORM) disposal — the company offers a premier set of environmental solutions to its industrial customer base.

Operating 37 locations throughout North America, EQ's highly trained professionals employ today's state-of-the-art environmental technologies to tackle environmental problems that many smaller environmental suppliers are ill-equipped to handle. Building off APV's strength serving the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions and EQ's service locations throughout the Midwest, South and Western United States, the combined company is well-positioned to serve your needs.

Industry-leading services

EQ offers disk stack and decanter type oil processing, along with a patented centrifugation process for crude oil at high flow rates up to 350 gallons per minute.

As a leader in the chemical distillation and oil recycling markets, the company minimizes disposal costs. It accepts all types and concentrations of used oil for recycling, with the ability to turn what was formerly waste into a reusable resource. The treatment methods at EQ's facilities include oil/water separation, and physical, chemical and biological treatments. The company can also provide recycling at the customer's location with vacuum-assisted mobile stills to return a clean, recovered product.

The company is a leader in hydro excavation with the most productive equipment in the industry and the top experts in the United States leading its management team. EQ has developed innovative technologies for expediting and improving oil removal and recovery from petroleum sludge, all while keeping employees safe. EQ's centrifuge technology reduces the amount of disposable waste while helping companies achieve significant savings.

Upon completion of sludge removal and degassing, EQ can also apply ultra high-pressure water blasting technologies for the cleaning and prepping of floors and surfaces for API 653 inspection. Centrifugal separation of liquids and solids is fast becoming a standard practice in the petroleum refining industry and EQ's APV group, with its highly skilled personnel,

has been providing this service for more than 20 years.

With almost 30 years of experience in the tank cleaning and maintenance industry, EQ's Tank and Oil Processing Division regularly surpasses customer expectations. The company offers a wide array of services, including cleaning, removal and abandonment of aboveground storage tanks and underground storage tanks; product transfer and temporary product storage; tank bottoms centrifugation; tank farm maintenance and cleaning; engineering inspections and repairs; and line breaking, pigging and cleaning.

EQ's Emergency Response Division offers EQ customers nationwide spill response and management programs from an emergency response team staffed with trained, experienced professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Operations in this EQ division include an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle spills of all levels and types, allowing emergency spills to be managed cost effectively, professionally and efficiently.

With locations across the United States supporting a network of trained professionals, EQ offers guaranteed two-hour response time for vehicular accidents, derailments, aviation incidents, abandonment, natural disasters and industrial facility accidents.

As a U.S. Coast Guard certified oil spill removal organization, the company's marine services include 24-hour emergency spill response, containment boom services and leachate remediation services.

EQ's Video Inspection and Pipe Maintenance Division offers the best available technology to inspect and clean blocked areas in piping systems. The company's state-of-the-art closed circuit video inspection equipment provides high resolution, color video complete with still photos of problem areas. After locating these areas, EQ's specialists can clean a piping system using a combination of high-pressure jetting and vacuum units. This full-service approach allows EQ to handle pipe service and maintenance needs from start to finish.

Other EQ divisions also provide sump and catch basin cleaning, sealing of leaking joints or cracks, jet rodder cleaning, bypass pumping and sewer main lining (cured-in-place pipe lining). EQ is also a certified installer of both the RS MaxPatch System and Quadex Cementitious manhole rehabilitation products.

Hazardous waste and NORM disposal

EQ's nationwide network of treatment and disposal facilities offers simple, safe and cost-effective solutions for all industrial hazardous waste streams. The EQ network includes safe and cost-effective disposal solutions for a wide variety of process and remedial hazardous waste streams at Wayne Disposal Inc. (WDI) in Belleville, Mich.

WDI is one of a very few landfills permitted by the Toxic Substances Control Act in the United States and accepts polychlorinated biphenyls contaminated wastes with concentrations above 50 ppm. Easily accessible by truck or rail, WDI provides flexible waste management solutions that are NORM/TENORM permitted and include on-site wastewater treatment facilities for landfill leachate and stormwater runoff. Waste is transferred from customer trucks to dedicated in-cell equipment using a custom transfer station within the cell itself.

EQ offers additional waste treatment solutions including a delisting treatment process that converts hazardous inorganic wastes into nonhazardous, delisted residuals. After waste is delisted, it is no longer considered RCRA hazardous, eliminating liabilities as well as minimizing other long-term risks associated with disposal. EQ is the only commercial treatment company in the United States that  is EPA-authorized to delist 15 inorganic hazardous wastes.

EQ's extensive fleet of vehicles enables the company to manage customers' waste from the point of generation to final disposition — minimizing both cost and liability. EQ is a licensed waste hauler in nearly every state, transporting volumes from small lab packs to bulk solids and liquids. Its fleet includes specialized stainless steel and glass-lined trucks for safe acid


Unsurpassed safety

As the company delivers solutions to its customers, EQ's first priority is ensuring the highest levels of safety. Years of practical experience, know-how and teamwork have combined in the development of a professional team of technical experts, managers, equipment operations and field technicians. Though EQ employees may be from different service divisions, have various skill sets and fulfill diverse roles, each and every one is committed to safety.

To safely and effectively treat more than 600 federal and state waste codes, EQ has pioneered stringent approval and waste handling procedures, actually surpassing regulatory requirements. The company's ISO certification demonstrates its commitment to providing quality environmental services that exceed customer expectations, protect the environment, ensure safety and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. EQ's advanced treatment technologies, expert service and superior safety practices are unmatched in the waste industry.

One of EQ's key strengths is its team of technically trained customer service professionals who support each customer's specific needs. The company continually invests in technical training programs for its customer service professionals, ensuring they have the knowledge and insight to develop the right solution for customers while assisting customers with regulatory and compliance requirements. EQ's customer service team remains for support

throughout the entire project.

EQ offers the premier set of environmental solutions for industrial customers' toughest challenges thanks to a professional team of experts, technicians and managers who have the combined experience and commitment necessary to ensure the highest levels of safety.

For more information, visit www.eqonline.com or call EQ's national customer service center at (800) 592-5489.

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