Epoxy suits manual or high speed production applications.

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Offering 1,000 cp mixed viscosity, 20206/50013 Electrical Potting System is used for automated encapsulation of motors and electronic parts. Thermally-conductive epoxy cures at room temperature with cure cycles of 24 hr at 77°F or 4 hr at 150°F, has gel time of less than 5 hr at 77°F or 45 minutes at 120°F, and working time of 150 minutes at 77°F. UL 1446 recognized potting compound features volume resistivity of 2.8 x 1015 W-cm and dielectric strength of 456 V/mil.

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High Speed Production EPOXY for Encapsulating Motors & Electronics

efi-POLYMERS Denver Colorado - Chicago Illinois - Atlanta Georgia announces a HIGH SPEED thermally-conductive EPOXY for automated encapsulation of motors and electronic parts. With the proper dispensing equipment, a room temperature cure (optimal for high volume production) is possible. At 1000 CPS mixed viscosity, complete impregnation is vital to the success of your product.

20206/50013 Electrical Potting System is a black, filled, epoxy that has a moderate mixed viscosity and a long gel time. UL 1446 recognized as a potting compound up to 180°C (class H): UL File No. E 210549.

Designed for ambient cured applications requiring complete impregnation. System may be used with or without vacuum. The moderate viscosity and long gel time make this a viable system for high speed production or manual applications. The cured system has excellent thermal shock resistance.

Cure Cycle
Ambient 77 F (25 C) 24 Hours
Elevated 150 F (66 C 4 Hours
Working Time (ASTM D-2471)
200 grams @ 77 F (25 C) 150 minutes
Gel Time (ASTM D-2471)
200 grams @ 77 F (25 C) >5 hours
200 grams @ 120F (49 C) 45 minutes
Viscosity (ASTM D-2393)
Resin @ 77 F (25 C) 80000 cps
Resin @120F (49 C) 15000 cps
Hardener @ 77 F (25 C) 35 cps
Mixed @ 77 F (25 C) 5500 cps
Mixed @ 120F (49 C) 1000 cps
Density, lbs./gal. (specific gravity)
Resin 13.4 (1.61)
Hardener 7.9 (0.95)
Mixed 12.1 (1.45)
Mixing Ratio
By Weight 100 parts resin 18 parts hardener
By Volume 3.3 part resin to 1 part hardener
Shelf Life
Store cool and dry 1 year
Hardness (ASTM D-2240)
Shore D 85
Volume Resistivity, Ohm-cm 2.8 X 1015
Dielectric Strength, volt/mil 456

For more information, contact:
Mitch Horwat-Principal efi-POLYMERS
4600 Holly Street, Denver, CO 80216
847-332-2482 or 847-602-2757

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