Epoxy Potting Compound meets NASA's outgassing requirements.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for casting, potting, and encapsulating, 20-3652 adheres to metals, ceramics, and plastics. Dielectric grade epoxy features Shore D hardness of 88, tensile strength of 9,000 psi, flexural strength of 15,000 psi, and operating temperature range of -65 to +160°C. When cured with Catalyst No. 190 and Catalyst No. 105, resin system meets NASA's outgassing requirements.

Original Press Release:

NASA Low Outgassing Epoxy Potting & Encapsulating Compound

Epoxies, Etc... develops a new Epoxy Potting Compound that meets NASA's outgassing requirements. 20-3652 is a filled epoxy casting, potting, and encapsulating resin system. This is a dielectric grade epoxy that exhibits excellent physical, thermal and electrical insulation properties.

Key features:

o Meets NASA outgassing requirements

o High durometer (Shore D 88)

o Excellent adhesion to most substrates

o Dielectric grade epoxy

Samples are available and may be requested from our website: www.epoxies.com

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