Epoxy Potting Compound has low viscosity formulation.

Press Release Summary:

Formulated for electronic potting and encapsulating applications, Type 20-3060 Epoxy flows quickly in and around electronic components, self levels, releases air bubbles, and provides smooth, glasslike finish. It offers electrical insulation, chemical resistance, and protection from environment. Potting compound is available in quarts, gallons, and 5 gal pails.

Original Press Release:

Epoxies, Etc... Develops Low Viscosity Epoxy Potting Compound

Epoxies, Etc... has developed a new low viscosity epoxy potting and encapsulating compound. The 20-3060 Epoxy was designed for electronic potting applications that require a low viscosity material to flow quickly in and around electronic components.

The 20-3060 is an electronic grade epoxy resin system. It will provide electrical insulation, chemical resistance and protection from the environment.

We believe 20-3060 will have high reader interest due to the following unique combination of properties:

o 20-3060 quickly self levels

o 20-3060 efficiently releases air bubbles

o 20-3060 provides a smooth glasslike finish

o 20-3060 provides outstanding environmental protection

20-3060 is available in quarts, gallons and five gallon pails.

Epoxies, Etc... has a liberal sampling policy. Samples of 20-3060 may be requested from our website: www.epoxies.com

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