Epoxy forms high-temperature bonds for plastics.

Press Release Summary:

Able to adhere to plastic surfaces as well as metals, ceramics, and glass, Bond-It 7050 bonds to Nylon, PVC, and dissimilar/difficult-to-bond materials. No special surface preparation is required. Users mix and apply, and product cures at room temperature to form 400°F bonds that exhibit temperature stability as well as electrical, thermal, and chemical resistance. Available in regular or fast-setting grades, activated 400°F epoxy incorporates adhesion promoters into its structure.

Original Press Release:

New 400°F Bond-It 7050

Product: Activated, 400°F Epoxy Offers High Strength Bonds to Nylon, PVC & Dissimilar Materials

Summary: New, 400°F, Activated Epoxy Bonds Nylon, PVC, Dissimilar and Difficult to Bond Materials.

Bond-It 7050 has excellent adhesion to most plastic surfaces producing bonds, in many cases, stronger than the plastic itself.

It's easy to use. Just mix, apply and cure at room temp. to form 400°F. bonds with high strength, high temperature stability and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical resistance.

Superior Chemistry
Bond-IT, activated epoxy incorporates adhesion promoters right into its structure, permanently improving the epoxy's adhesion and bond strength.

User Friendly
Just mix and apply. In most cases no special surface preparation is required. Bond-IT has excellent adhesion to nylon, pvc, metals, ceramics, glass and dissimilar materials, etc.

Excellent Properties
Bond-IT 7050 cures at room temp. to form 400°F, high strength bonds with high temp. stability and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical resistance.

Users Report Bond-It 7050
Bond-IT(TM) 7050 bonds Nylon to Aluminum metal housings with the high bond strength required for high performance lighting fixtures.

Ideal Packaging
Duralco 7050 is available in convenient, easy to use applicator, pint, gallon, and 5 gallon kits. Production quantities and Custom packaging available upon request.

Bond-IT 7050 Activated, 400°F Epoxy is available in regular or fast setting grades. Applicator kits, instructions and a copy of Cotronics' High Temperature, Materials handbook for $24.95 ea.

All of Cotronics' Products are Formulated for Ease of Use and With Safety in Mind

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