Epoxy Adhesive works in temperatures to 650°F.

Press Release Summary:

Able to adhere to dissimilar substrates, Duralco 4700HT cures at 250°F without outgassing and exhibits electrical resistance and temperature stability. Product is based on cross-linked, inorganic-organic polymer system and features mix and apply functionality. Able to adhere to metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics, it exhibits chemical, solvent, and radiation resistance as well as thermal and mechanical shock resistance.

Original Press Release:

Advanced, 650°F Epoxy Offers Unsurpassed Durability and Strength

Now, unlike ever before, there is a solution for applications requiring the ultimate in high temperature service, durability and strength.

User friendly, just mix and apply. Duralco 4700HT cures, without out gassing, to provide excellent adhesion, high electrical resistance, high temperature stability, low shrinkage, excellent chemical, solvent and radiation resistance.

Superior Chemistry
Duralco 4700HT is based on Cotronics' unique, cross-linked, inorganic-organic polymer system creating an advanced epoxy formulation with unsurpassed durability and strength.

User Friendly and Easy to Use
Just mix and apply. Duralco 4700HT cures at 250°F without outgassing.

Excellent Properties
Outstanding adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics and most plastics. 4700HT has unsurpassed bond strength, thermal and mechanical shock resistance, adhesion to dissimilar substrates, and excellent electrical and chemical resistance.

Users Report Duralco 4700HT
Encapsulation and insulation of sensors in severe downhole oil drilling applications, where temperatures of 400°F and pressures of 20,000psi may be encountered. Seals electrical feed thrus against high heat and moisture, Repairs cracks in pipes carrying hot oil at 250°C and at 1000 psi, bonds high temperature components Installing thermocouples, strain gauges and flow measuring instruments, etc.

Ideal Packaging
Duralco 4700HT is available in pint kits, gallon kits and pre-measured packages Production quantities and Custom packaging available upon request.

Duralco 4700HT Advanced, 650°F Epoxy is available in pint size trial kits complete with instructions and Cotronics' FREE HIGH TEMP. Materials handbook for $74.95

All of Cotronics' Products are Formulated for Ease of Use and With Safety in Mind

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