Epoxies, Etc... Announces New IllumaBond(TM) Brand


Epoxies, Etc... proudly announces IllumaBond(TM) as the brand name of its innovative product line of UV Curable Adhesives, Potting Compounds, and Coatings. The branding of the UV Curable Products is a further commitment to the exciting technology of Ultraviolet Chemistry.

IllumaBond(TM) UV Curable Products provide instant cure-on-demand production to our customers. There is no messy, and potentially hazardous, mixing of resins and hardeners. The IllumaBond(TM) products are one component and cure within seconds only when exposed to a UV light source.

The IllumaBond(TM) UV Curable Products are being used extensively in the electronic, electrical, medical and industrial markets. Customers in these markets realize that the fast cure speeds (seconds) and one component features of the IllumaBond(TM) products improve productivity and reliability.

Detailed information on IllumaBond(TM) UV Curable products may be found on our website; www.epoxies.com. Samples of these products are available upon request.

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