EPM Live Launches WorkEngine's Enterprise Portfolio Project Management Capabilities for SharePoint

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 7, 2011 -- EPM Live, a global leader in Enterprise SharePoint Project and Work Management applications, announced today its launch of WorkEngine's Enterprise Portfolio Management Capabilities for SharePoint. Building on its award-winning foundation aligned with project and work execution, WorkEngine has extended its core capabilities to include Cost Management, Resource Capacity Planning and Portfolio Optimization. WorkEngine supports end-to-end Project and Portfolio Management disciplines through the entire life cycle of your projects as well as non-project work. EPM Live has also released a new application, PPM WorkEngine, to align the new capabilities with the business.

"This launch marks a critical milestone for businesses looking to maximize return on their SharePoint investment by adding a Project and Work Management Solution to their platform. WorkEngine is a true end-to-end Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) system for SharePoint," said Joe Larscheid, CEO of EPM Live.

WorkEngine continues to be on the forefront of market demand. The industry needs for PPM will continue to change as well. WorkEngine's PPM capabilities are intended to meet an organization's functional needs while automating good organizational process and improving PPM maturity. The WorkEngine product helps organizations meet their current business needs as well as plan for the future, improving processes and promoting maturity growth. The WorkEngine prebuilt work apps, such as PPM WorkEngine, are intended to promote best practices, apply PPM capabilities to various types of work and reduce time to market. WorkEngine helps organizations protect their IT investments such as SharePoint and eliminates the need for additional IT systems such as IT service management and application life cycle management.

The WorkEngine product really does revolutionize the way organizations manage work today.

WorkEngine's new Enterprise Capabilities include the following work features:

Enhanced Resource Management in SharePoint:

o Resource Capacity Planning
o Resource What-if Modeling
o Individual Resource Calendars
o Resource Negotiations & Workflow
o Capacity Demand Center for Resource Managers
o Convert Approved Budgets into Resource Requirements
o Manage Resource Capacity Plans from Microsoft Project and Online Work Planner
o Compare Resource Capacity Plans and resource plans in your Microsoft Project Plans

Enhanced Cost Management in SharePoint:

o Cost Planner
o Cost Analyzer
o Cost What-if Scenario Modeling
o Configurable Cost Categories Structure
o Unlimited Cost Types (Budget, Forecast, Benefits, Revenue, Actuals, etc.)
o Resource Revenue Forecaster
o Multiple Resource Rates
o Compare Cost Plans with Timesheet Actual Cost

Enhanced Schedule Management in SharePoint:

o New Dynamic Gantt Control
o Multiple Work Planner Templates
o Build Team with Skill Replacement
o Work Planner Assignments
o View Resource Assignments vs. Availability
o View Resource Assignments vs. Capacity Plan
o Update Approvals Workflow

These new features will allow organizations to get the full PPM experience from their WorkEngine environment. WorkEngine's Portfolio enhancements will enable organizations to align investments with corporate goals, manage cost and resources, prioritize strategies, and use scenario modeling to optimize the value of work to the business.

"The upcoming PPM WorkEngine app launch will provide our customers with all the functionality they need to manage their projects through all stages of the Project and Portfolio Management life cycle. In addition, they will be able to do so right within their SharePoint environment," said Joe Larscheid, CEO of EPM Live.

EPM Live will continue to provide cutting-edge, cost effective project and work management solutions leveraging the Microsoft technologies organizations already own to increase the value of their current IT investments. EPM Live's applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions. EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs. These innovative solutions include capabilities such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration. These capabilities are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need.

About EPM Live & WorkEngine

EPM Live is a global leader in Enterprise Project and Work Management Solutions. EPM Live's WorkEngine products and services are cutting-edge, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their work. WorkEngine can be consumed online or onsite.

WorkEngine has evolved the Microsoft SharePoint Server stack to a more comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Project Management, Project Portfolio Management and overall Work management system. Building on familiar Microsoft tools, the WorkEngine solution includes web parts, Microsoft Project Add-ins, SharePoint Features, and Industry Best Practices & Process templates designed to work together to help you address your Business Productivity needs.

For additional information: Please contact Heather Champoux at 760-603-9990 or hchampoux@epmlive.com.


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