Epec Engineered Technologies Announces Significant Quick Turn Offering for Flex and Rigid Flex

New Bedford, MA: Epec Engineered Technologies is now delivering quick turn flex and rigid flex pcb's.

"After two years of significant investment and expanded manufacturing capabilities, Epec is now providing seven-day flex and rigid flex PCB's, with our industry leading quality standards," shared Kendall Paradise, Director of Operations.

The seven and ten day quick turn fabrication is also supported by Epec's in house circuit design and engineering team, to ensure on time delivery.

You can visit www.epectec.com/flex/index.html, for more technical information on flex and rigid flex circuits, including quick turn 7 and 10 day delivery.

About Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies designs and manufactures customized, built-to-print, performance-critical products for all sectors of the electronics industry. Epec's tailored manufacturing solutions, engineering services, technology platform, and 24 x 7 support, help our customers master the complex challenges of the global electronics industry. To learn more about Epec Engineered Technologies, visit us at: www.epectec.com.

Rob Forand,

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