EnviroSafe(TM) Modular Stormwater Catch Basin Filter System

Transpo is pleased to invite you to visit our EnviroSafe(TM) Modular Stormwater Catch Basin Filter System installation which will be on display at the Orangeburg, NY Highway Dept facility at this year's APWA Equipment & Products Exposition on May 24th, 2006.

EnviroSafe(TM) is a simple retrofit to existing stormwater catch basins. Equipped with advanced filtering technology, EnviroSafe(TM) can address a broad range of pollutants commonly found in storm water run-off including: sediment, oils, metals, organic matter and even bacteria. The modular construction of the filter cartridges (in a rugged co-polymer basin) make it easy to target pollutants. The basin offers large storage capacity for trash and debris. High filtered flow rates (over 100 gpm) coupled with an overflow bypass designed into the basin, alleviate flooding concerns. Ease of installation and low maintenance make EnviroSafe(TM) the economical and logical choice as a stormwater BMP device.

For more information on this product, please call Steve Orman at 800-321-7870 (x659), or visit the company website at transpo.com/envirosafe.htm.

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