Environmentally Friendly Blowing Agent serves global market.

Press Release Summary:

Requiring little to no change in equipment, plans, facility, or production, Ecomate serves as safe, environmentally benign replacement for flammable blowing agents. This true liquid blowing agent, qualified as Green Group 1 PIR foam as per Building Code of Australia, is designed for use in rigid insulating foams, spray foams, integral skin foams, and various flexible foams. Product is U.S. EPA and SNAP approved to replace HCFC, HFC, and SMOG producers.

Original Press Release:

Enviro-Friendly Blowing Agent for Australia and Global Market

An environmentally friendly blowing agent has been made available from Australian Urethane Systems (AUS) as a logical replacement for blowing agents officially being phased out.

Ecomate, used internally by AUS in the production of its own foams and skins lines, is a safe and environmentally friendly replacement for flammable blowing agents such as pentane.

In addition, AUS is able to provide expert advice to companies worldwide in how to adjust their own processing and manufacturing plants to streamline their own use of ecomate.

"Not only can people from around Australia come to us, we don't mind if they are from Asia, South Africa, or anywhere else in the world where potentially pollutive blowing agent are being used," said Managing Director of AUS, Mr Geoff Benson.

"Wherever they are based, they can come to us for ecomate and at the same time talk to us about adjusting their own systems to use it.

"All our own foam is blown with ecomate. It qualifies as Green Group 1 PIR foam as per the Building Code of Australia and is the only one of its type in Australia."

Importantly, ecomate is a true liquid blowing agent designed for use in rigid insulating foams, spray foams, integral skin foams, and various flexible foams.

End use applications include: as rigid foam; for appliances and whitegoods; as a spray foam; in the automotive sector; as integral skin foams; for boardstock and continuous panel manufacturing; as flexible foams; for commercial food service; as reaction injection moulding; in refrigerated transportation, for Roto Mold applications; for SIPS and discontinuous panels; pour-in-place applications; and for marine and flotation use.

ecomate is environmentally benign; as a blowing agent its systems are non-GWP, non-ODP, and VOC exempt, with good mechanical and thermal properties.

It fulfils current and future regulatory requirements and is both US EPA and SNAP approved to replace HCFCs, HFCs, and SMOG producers such as hydrocarbons.

The product allows users of HCFCs, HFCs and HCs to not have to make additional changes to current and future environmental regulation. ecomate allows OEMs to continue delivering on the increasing demands (improved thermal efficiency, adhesion, even density distribution, and GRAS approval to name a few) of the end consumer.

ecomate is cost effective, it requires little to no equipment, plans, facility or production changes.

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