Environmental Tectonics Corporation Announces That a BioMedical Upgrade Saves Money and Improves Care

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., Nov. 21 -- Environmental Tectonics Corporation's (AMEX:ETC) ("ETC" or the "Company") BioMedical Systems Group can reduce the operating expenses and improve operational efficiency of hyperbaric chambers with their new Thermal Adjustment System. This unique chamber accessory for the BARA-MED® XD and BARA-MED® facilitates lower ventilation rates which minimizes the consumption of oxygen without sacrificing patient comfort. This system has the potential to save almost $5,000 per chamber per year for the service life of the chamber.

Russell Peterson, PhD, Director of the BioMedical Systems Group said, "We've led the industry with a wide-ranging ventilation rate for many years and our experience shows that simply lowering the operational range does not ensure that operators can minimize oxygen costs. Now, our Thermal Adjustment System sets the cost effective standard."

A chamber equipped with a low ventilation range does not necessarily mean lesser oxygen consumption. In fact, low vent rates may run contrary to patient comfort. Patients often become too warm during treatment, requiring an increase in the ventilation rate. Also, factors such as gas temperature and room temperature may necessitate a greater flow rate to maintain comfort. The Thermal Adjustment System simultaneously minimizes oxygen consumption and keeps patients at a desired temperature. Because ventilation rates remain low, background noise is kept to a minimum thereby improving patient communication and overall comfort.

ETC designs, develops, installs and maintains aircrew training systems, public entertainment systems, process simulation systems (sterilization and environmental), clinical hyperbaric systems, environmental testing and simulation systems, and related products for domestic and international customers.

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Source: Environmental Tectonics Corporation

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