Environmental Chambers and Incubators feature Green design.

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Featuring earth-friendly technologies, Environmental Chambers and Incubators are available in 25 and 10 cu-ft capacities. All contain gVapor(TM) steam-free humidity system, which delivers controlled humidity without wasting energy or generating heat, and gRod(TM) refrigeration on demand, which manages power consumption. Designed to recycle and utilize tap water, CRYS102 Universal Condensate Recirculation System acts as water delivery system for any CARON humidity controlled chamber.

Original Press Release:

Caron Offers New Line Of "Earth-Friendly" Products

(Marietta, OH, March 9, 2009) Caron Products and Services, Inc. has introduced its newest "family" of products in an effort to promote environmental stewardship. The staff of highly-trained professionals at CARON continue to research ways to not only create a top-quality and attractive lineup of Environmental Chambers and Incubators, but to offer several "earth-friendly" technologies. These innovative Environmental Chambers and Incubators are "earth-friendly" in several unique ways.

The newly designed 25 cubic ft. and 10 cubic ft. series of Environmental Chambers and Incubators include "greener" technologies.

All Environmental Chambers contain what is known as gVapor(TM) (steam free humidity system) and gRod(TM) (refrigeration on demand). The gVapor(TM) humidity system delivers controlled humidity without wasting energy or generating heat. The new gRod(TM) control system efficiently manages power consumption. Both gRod(TM) and gVapor (TM) not only reduce energy consumption, but contribute to lower utility expenses.

CARON's second generation Universal Condensate Recirculation System (CRYS102) is designed to recycle and utilize tap water, minimizing water consumption and lowering utility and installation expenses. It also eliminates the need to purchase water purification systems or maintain a supply of deionized water. The CRYS102 acts as a water delivery system compatible with any CARON humidity controlled chamber.

To learn more about the new line of "earth-friendly" products, contact CARON at sales@caronproducts.com

About Caron:

CARON Products & Services, Inc. is a Marietta, Ohio based manufacturer of environmental chambers for temperature and RH exposure testing; photostability chambers to conform to ICH Guidelines Q1B; reach-in CO2 incubators for small to large scale, high volume cell culture; and baths/circulators for precise temperature control of laboratory devices. For more information on CARON, visit our website at www.caronproducts.com, contact us at 800-648-3042, fax 740-374-3760, or e-mail sales@caronproducts.com.

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