EntryPoint(TM) & CyberAudit® - Web Lite

New 2006 Additions to the CyberLock Family

EntryPoint is a basic system comprised of hardware only; no software is required. EntryPoint is ideal for simple installations that require a lock that cannot be picked and a key that cannot be duplicated.

An EntryPoint system includes standard CyberLocks and CyberKeys, plus a new Grand Master key. The Grand Master ships from Videx with a unique family code already programmed into it. It is used to program locks with this unique code by touching the front of the CyberLock. CyberKeys are programmed with the family code by infrared communication from the Grand Master to the CyberKey. CyberKeys are given 24/7 access to the locks.

CyberAudit-Web lite
CyberAudit-Web Lite is designed for EntryPoint users that want to add the ability to schedule access and view an audit trail from the locks and keys. Lite users log on to a web site to set their schedules and see their log of access events. A simple matrix of locks, keys, and schedules is easy to use and understand. The service web site is also used to request a new family code to prevent lost keys from opening locks.

Lite uses the same hardware as the EntryPoint system, and also requires an IR Encoder for communication between the Grand Master and the service web site. Users are charged a monthly service fee based on the number of locks and keys in their system.

For a limited time, an IR Encoder and the first three months of CyberAudit-Web Lite service are provided at no cost.

Videx offers four different levels of management for your CyberLock system: EntryPoint, CyberAudit-Web Lite, CyberAudit 2.0, and CyberAudit-Web Enterprise. This range of management tools is designed to accommodate every type of installation, from small businesses to large corporations or campus settings.

EntryPoint is a hardware-only system that requires no programming software. It is ideal for companies that need a simple high security system with lock cylinders that cannot be picked and keys that cannot be duplicated. Keys are given 24/7 access to the locks.

CyberAudit-Web Lite
CyberAudit-Web Lite is available on a Videx-hosted web site for a monthly service fee. Lite provides all the cababilities of the EntryPoint system plus adds the ability to set access schedules and view an audit trail from locks and keys. Lite is ideal for companies that want simple access control just by logging on to a web site, without having to install software locally.

CyberAudit 2.0
CyberAudit 2.0 is a Windows program that installs on your PC for management of a CyberLock system. CyberAudit 2.0 builds on the basics of access scheduling and audit trails with a number of features such as key expirations, report generation, and email notification of events. It is ideal for small- to medium-sized companies that need a high level of security and key control.

CyberAudit-Web Enterprise
CyberAudit-Web Enterprise is packaged on a Linux-based server complete with all components required to run the system. System administrators access Enterprise using a web browser either on an internal network or via the world wide web. CyberAudit-Web Enterprise is a feature-rich CyberLock management system ideal for large or geographically widespread customers.

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