Entry-Level Cluster System serves high-speed, low-volume jobs.

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Able to be customized and designed to meet unique handling needs of OEMs, Constellation HA-200 four-sided vacuum transfer system platform employs HA-3.0 vacuum robotic arm, HA-50V vacuum elevator, and mechanical aligner. Cassette load port and transport module design lend to compact dimensions and operational value. System provides alternative to automated load locks in projects requiring high throughput and low production volume.

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Hine Automation Unveils its Entry-Level Cluster System, the Constellation HA-200

Tampa, Florida - Hine Automation today announced the launch of the newest member of the Constellation family, the HA-200.

The HA-200 is a four-sided vacuum transfer system platform. It features Hine's HA-3.0 vacuum robotic arm, HA-50V vacuum elevator and mechanical aligner. Thanks to these sophisticated components and its simplified cassette load port and transport module design, the HA-200 is the most compact and economical Constellation system available.

"Many OEMs often encounter projects requiring high throughput, low production volume and very low cost of ownership," said Jose Salas, Business Manager at Hine Automation. "For these applications, automated load locks are not the best solution because they do not provide high enough throughput. On the other hand, cluster platforms exceed the productivity requirements but demand levels of investment that surpass budgetary constraints. The Constellation HA-200 fills these needs and provides with the right balance between productivity and cost."

"As all Constellation systems, the HA-200 can be easily customized and designed to meet the unique handling needs of most OEMs. We believe that this flexibility will further enable many OEMs to penetrate new markets," added Salas.

About Hine Automation
Hine Automation, LLC is an emergent designer and manufacturer of automation systems and robotic components. Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the semiconductor, solar, flat panel display and related industries around the world, the company's robotic components are based on the quality and reliability of the original Hine robotics. Hine satisfies a wide range of needs from flexible research and development environments to more stringent manufacturing environments.

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