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EMC® Symmetrix® DMX-3 requires authentication of users using encrypted credentials and individual passwords via its Symmetrix Service Credential - Secured by RSA feature. Along with RAID 6 support and Certified Data Erasure, solution offers tamper-proof audit log to securely record and track all service or management activities. System supports 4 Gbps Fibre Channel and FICON connectivity and can be set-up with mixed and matched 2 and 4 Gbps channel directors.

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EMC and RSA Set New Standard for High-End Data Storage Security

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 -- EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today unveiled new security features that distinguish its market-leading EMC(R) Symmetrix(R) DMX- 3 enterprise storage platform as the most secure high-end storage array in the industry. Integrating advanced technology from its RSA Security division, EMC is introducing stronger authentication, authorization and audit capabilities to its enterprise storage portfolio to further secure the overall foundation of customers' information infrastructures. Additionally, EMC is introducing new features for optimizing performance, flexibility and resiliency for Symmetrix DMX-3 systems, including 4 gigabit-per-second (Gb/s) connectivity and support for RAID 6.

"Information security is one of the top challenges that customers are facing today," said David Donatelli, EMC Executive Vice President, Storage Product Operations. "This integration is the first demonstration of the value that combined EMC and RSA(R) technologies provide to customers by helping them prevent the misuse or loss of critical information. Customers want security capabilities built in, not bolted on and this is the first of many integrated capabilities that will enable customers to secure their information at every point in its lifecycle. When it comes to helping customers preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information, no one can match the capabilities and experience of EMC."

Among the security features being introduced today:

-- Symmetrix Service Credential - Secured by RSA - This feature secures the actions of service personnel on Symmetrix DMX-3 systems, in order to protect and preserve the integrity of the information it stores. This new feature requires authentication of users accessing the Symmetrix service processor using encrypted credentials and individual passwords then authorizes their actions and prevents unauthorized actions.

-- Tamper-proof Audit Log - With this feature, data center managers and administrators can securely record and track all service or management activities on a Symmetrix DMX-3 system, including those that could impact the integrity of the information stored within. The new enhancements to Symmetrix Audit Log and Solutions Enabler software ensure that service and host-initiated actions are recorded in a tamper-proof log.

-- EMC Certified Data Erasure - EMC has enhanced its disk erasure technology with the new Certified Data Erasure capabilities for Symmetrix DMX-3 systems. By ensuring that all information on failed drives is securely erased before they are removed from the system, customers minimize the risk of sensitive data leaving the premises. Adhering to Department of Defense (DOD) specification 5220.22-M, data on failed disk drives is erased within the system and an auditable record of data erasure is provided to the customer. Additionally, EMC Global Services today is unveiling the Certified Disk Erasure Service for disk drives that are removed from EMC storage systems, ensuring comparable security across EMC's portfolio of storage systems.

"The integration of these security measures with the Symmetrix platform affirms EMC's commitment to the security of information, demonstrates the value of the company's investment in RSA, and signals that EMC intends to leverage its dominance in information management to achieve dominance in data security," said Scott Crawford, Senior Analyst and Security and Risk Management Practice Manager, Enterprise Management Associates. "EMC continues to move quickly to facilitate the convergence of security and storage technology to meet customers' evolving data protection imperatives. With these enhancements to the Symmetrix DMX-3 platform, customers are afforded significant new levels of protection for their information assets."

EMC is also introducing new capabilities designed to optimize Symmetrix DMX-3 system performance, flexibility and resiliency. They include:

-- Support for 4 GB/s Fibre Channel and FICON Connectivity - Available for new and existing Symmetrix DMX-3 systems, customers can now choose 4GB/s connectivity, or mix and match 2 GB/s and 4GB/s channel directors to gain additional connectivity options.

-- Support for RAID 6 -EMC now offers RAID 6 protection for Symmetrix DMX-3, providing a wider selection of data protection choices for customers.

-- Dynamic Cache Partitioning - This feature enables users to segregate memory resource allocation on a Symmetrix system into as many as eight dynamic partitions for different applications. Easy to deploy and manage, partitions can be expanded or contracted according to policies in order to maximize performance during peak workloads while providing isolation between applications.

-- Symmetrix Priority Controls - Users can manage multiple application workloads and priority levels for device groups, assigning priority levels based on service level requirements to assure faster response times for higher-priority applications.

-- SRDF(R)/A Reserve Capacity - With this enhancement, SRDF/A software safeguards continuous remote replication operations by buffering in-transit data to disk during temporary outages and/or network congestion.


All of the capabilities announced today will be available in Q1 2007. The Symmetrix Service Credential, Audit Log, RAID 6 and enhanced SRDF/A replication capabilities are included with Enginuity(R) operating system release 5772. The Enginuity 5772 operating system will be available as an upgrade from the Enginuity 5771 operating system for existing Symmetrix DMX-3 customers enrolled in a maintenance plan, and is available with new Symmetrix DMX-3 purchases. EMC Certified Data Erasure, 4 Gb/s support, Dynamic Cache Partitioning and Symmetrix Priority Controls are available as standalone offerings. The Certified Disk Erasure Service is available today through EMC Global Services.

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