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Discoverant GlobalVantage software suite features adaptable architecture to meet biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers' productivity and compliance needs. Discoverant Nexus module allows single-point access to multiple enterprise data sources, as well as manual data records. Discoverant Invision determines optimum performance range, and Discoverant PREP transforms paper-based records into electronic data for analysis.

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New Discoverant GlobalVantage Offers Adaptable Architecture to Meet Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Productivity and Compliance Needs

Unbundled system ensures greater return on software investments

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (May 21, 2003) ­ In today's economy, biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers must continuously leverage their investments in manufacturing information systems to improve productivity and ensure compliance. In order to help address this business need, Aegis Analytical Corporation today announced the release of Discoverant GlobalVantage that now offers Aegis' data integration platform, Discoverant Nexus, independently from its analytical and statistical software modules. GlobalVantage is the newest version of Aegis' manufacturing enterprise software product family.

In a pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturing environment, validated software allows manufacturing personnel to improve the bottom line by increasing production and decreasing time to market while adhering to regulatory standards. Up until now, there has not been a software offering that can provide these benefits while being able to leverage previous investments in information and allow for continued growth through modular application additions.

Discoverant GlobalVantage enables manufacturers to reap benefits from previously acquired software programs while implementing an enterprise platform system that allows for growth and more flexibility. Discoverant's unique combination of features has always given manufacturers unparalleled capabilities to integrate data, maintain quality control and save money. By engineering an unbundled product architecture and upgrading the individual applications, Aegis has created a new enterprise system that can be used with a company's existing software programs and has the adaptability to grow with the needs of the company through modular additions.

"Having an application that can be scaled to fit the needs of each manufacturer is crucial in today¹s cost conscious and regulatory intensive environment," explains John Darcy, CEO of Aegis Analytical Corporation. "Discoverant GlobalVantage eases the cost of technology implementation and company growth by allowing each manufacturer to continue utilizing software it has already acquired and providing modular additions for future investments."

With Discoverant Nexus, which will be generally available in June 2003, a company can integrate data collected from disparate applications utilized throughout the manufacturing process, including LIMS (Lab Info Management Systems), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and batch records. Capitalizing on previous software installments allows for a continuous return on those investments. Discoverant Nexus, previously available as part of an earlier version of Discoverant, is now a stand-alone offering which provides the solution to a manufacturer's need for quality control, data connectivity and regulation compliance while maintaining the bottom line.

Discoverant GlobalVantage Product Suite Initial Release
... Discoverant Nexus - A connectivity platform that allows single point access to multiple enterprise data sources, as well as manual data records. This accessibility is enabled by a user-centric interface that draws information from all data sources and then allows the user to customize parameter entry and expandable hierarchies.
... Discoverant Invision - This application enables manufacturers to improve process stability, quality and yield by determining the optimum approved performance range.
... Discoverant PREP - An application that assists in transforming paper-based records into electronic data that is available for analysis while keeping in compliance with FDA regulations.

New Features
Equally beneficial, the unbundled architecture also allows a company to meet its unique technology requirements by acquiring future software modules as needed and customizing the entire technology system as the company grows and evolves. Discoverant GlobalVantage software suite now offers users an extended level of control and automation. From more efficient login processes and scheduled data updates to easier and more descriptive exporting and importing capabilities, the new unbundled features improve a company's ability to precisely control their automated manufacturing processes.

Discoverant GlobalVantage offers a variety of benefits for any user, all of which are based in its versatile capabilities that make data readily available from multiple disparate systems and translate it into user-friendly formats. This system's combination of sophisticated visual analysis technologies and user-centric design allows decision-makers to translate data into useable intelligence in rapid time - minutes, instead of weeks or months. All of this amounts to high data integrity and more secure records, not to mention faster results, increased quality control and increased savings.

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Aegis Analytical Corporation provides manufacturing software and expertise that helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies improve compliance, increase profits and gain competitive advantage. More information about Aegis Analytical Corporation can be found at www.aegiscorp.com. For a streaming video demo of Discoverant, visit: http://aegiscorp.com/product/demo.asp.

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