Enterprise-Class Access Point optimizes traffic flow.

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Combining centralized and distributed forwarding, MP-422 dual radio 802.11a + 802.11 b/g Access Point with Smart Mobile(TM) Intelligent Switching enables scalable and secure enterprise Wi-Fi® infrastructure products. Solution delivers endpoint integrity assurance, strong authentication and encryption, application-based mobile firewall enforcement, and wireless intrusion detection system. Throughput rates are 587 and 922 Mbps for 512 and 1,518 byte frames, respectively.

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Trapeze Networks Ships New Enterprise Class Access Point

New MP-422 AP Implements Smart Mobile(TM), the Game-Changing Architecture for Enterprise Wi-Fi (R) Networking

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 13 -- Trapeze Networks(TM), the award-winning provider of Smart Mobile(TM) wireless solutions, today announced they are shipping the new MP-422 dual radio 802.11a + 802.11 b/g Access Point (AP) with Smart Mobile Intelligent Switching, the latest addition to an extensive line of high performance, scalable, and secure enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure products.

As large organizations transition from pilot and field trials to real enterprise installations, they need to ensure their Wi-Fi infrastructure meets stringent requirements in security, management, performance, and scalability. Trapeze Networks is uniquely qualified to deliver on each of these critical enterprise requirements.

Most Secure Enterprise Wi-Fi System Available Today

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi security systems require four key elements -- endpoint integrity assurance, strong authentication and encryption, application-based mobile firewall enforcement, and an integrated Wireless Intrusion Detection System. Only Trapeze Smart Mobile products can deliver on these requirements, and as such, Trapeze Networks is the recognized leader in Wi-Fi security as cited by industry analysts.

Most recently, Trapeze Smart Mobile products were praised by analyst firm ABI Research, which named Trapeze Networks #1 worldwide in enterprise Wi-Fi security in their December 2006 report(1). The recognition put Trapeze ahead of Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks and other firms. This highly coveted award was the result of several Trapeze security initiatives, including the Trapeze integration of AirDefense(TM) technology, the award-winning Wireless Intrusion Detection System, and the only one that is Common Criteria certified by the Department of Defense. Trapeze Smart Mobile products protect against 250 types of wireless network attacks compared to just 24 for Cisco and 40 for Aruba. Smart Mobile is the only solution that includes Dynamic Threat Response, which turns every Access Point on the network into an intrusion detection system when a potential threat is identified. The new MP-422 extends this leadership by implementing these security features.

By contrast, Aruba Networks was cited as insecure by a US security watchdog group. According to warning bulletins issued by the US CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team which operates in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, Aruba Networks WLAN systems have several security vulnerabilities rated as "high severity" including those that allow "remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code," and attacks that allow "remote attackers to gain access to the WLAN or administration interface." Overall, Aruba Networks was cited for five security violations in just the last twelve months versus zero for Trapeze Networks. Details can be found on the US CERT website at: www.us-cert.gov .

Best Enterprise Management Tools

The new MP-422 integrates seamlessly with the Trapeze RingMaster(TM) management suite, long recognized as the leading software system for managing large enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. As a true enterprise management tool, Ring Master provides a single view of the entire wireless network from the management console. RingMaster is the only management tool that enables large organizations to perform RF planning, client and rogue location, configuration, verification, monitoring, and reporting of the entire Wi-Fi network all from a single management console. RingMaster features Virtual Site Survey(TM) which automates coverage, capacity, and voice planning for both indoor and outdoor areas. By contrast, Aruba and Cisco's software show only pieces of the network and have limited functionality. In the same report that established Trapeze as the leader in Wi-Fi security, ABI also said, "Ring Master remains the gold standard in this area (wireless network management) with its tightly integrated RingMaster software."

Best Enterprise Performance and Scalability

In head to head comparison tests created by the independent research firm VeriWave, the MP-422 with Smart Mobile technology significantly outperformed APs by Aruba Networks, Trapeze's closest competitor. In a 25 AP test designed to simulate real world large enterprise Wi-Fi networking conditions of 500 clients, VeriWave found that the MP-422 performed significantly better in throughput, latency and jitter, making Smart Mobile technology the most scalable, best choice for large deployments.

Best Data Throughput Performance

The following table compares throughput performance in Megabits per second (Mbps). Higher numbers indicate better performance as more data is transmitted over the same period of time.
                               Trapeze MP-422    Aruba AP 70
512 byte frames 587 Mbps 560 Mbps
1518 byte frames 922 Mbps 916 Mbps

Best Technology For Voice And Video

VeriWave also compared latency and jitter performance, measured in milliseconds, (thousandths of a second), as illustrated in the following table. Lower numbers indicate better performance as there is less latency (delay) and jitter (unwanted signal variance) which hurt the performance and usability of real-time applications such as Voice over Wi-Fi and video streaming.
                               Trapeze MP-422    Aruba AP 70
Latency -- 512 byte frames 2.41 ms 16.22 ms
Jitter -- 512 byte frames 1.26 ms 20.69 ms

VeriWave's testing results illustrate how Smart Mobile's architectural advantages make it not only the best choice for data performance and throughput, but also the best choice for latency sensitive applications such as voice and video, making Smart Mobile products the overall best choice in enterprise Wi-Fi networking.

Interested parties may request a copy of the performance testing results by visiting: www.trapezenetworks.com/campaign/?cmpID=02040738

Smart Mobile Intelligent Switching

The MP-422 is the latest product that implements Smart Mobile, the first and only enterprise Wi-Fi solution with intelligent switching, combining centralized and distributed forwarding for optimized traffic flow. Based on innovative patented and patent-pending technology, Smart Mobile overcomes limitations of current-generation Wi-Fi networks, enabling organizations to deploy massively scalable wireless networks that meet the needs of the most demanding data and voice applications, while providing unlimited reach indoors and outdoors. At the core of Smart Mobile is a breakthrough architecture that combines the benefits of centralized control and management with the performance efficiencies of optimized traffic through intelligent switching.

Better Range and Valuable New Features

The MP-422 Access Point introduces significant improvement in range at all data rates, due to higher output power and an improved antenna design resulting in greater than 40% improvement in rage over prior generations of access points. The MP-422 also features wireless mesh networking, and is draft 802.11s compliant in its implementation. Mesh networking enables the wireless distribution of traffic among access points and is extremely valuable in environments where wire cannot easily be run to the AP such as outdoors and across the campus.

Overall Best Solution for Enterprise Wi-Fi Networking

Smart Mobile technology's significant advantages in security, manageability, scalability, and performance make Trapeze Networks the best overall choice for large scale enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. By contrast, Aruba Networks' technology falls far short in meeting these critical enterprise requirements.

Pricing and Availability
The MP-422 is shipping worldwide now. List price is $599.

About Trapeze Networks

Trapeze Networks delivers Smart Mobile(TM) -- a ground-breaking approach to wireless networking, enabling organizations to deploy massively scalable mobile applications that leverage their existing infrastructure. Smart Mobile achieves this breakthrough by introducing intelligent switching, the first and only WLAN architecture that optimizes network traffic based on the underlying application. With Smart Mobile intelligent switching, organizations can support the most demanding next generation wireless applications such as toll-quality voice over WLAN for thousands of users, seamless indoor/outdoor mobility, and high-speed networks based on 802.11n -- all without requiring expensive forklift upgrades. Trapeze Networks is well-capitalized, with strategic investments from networking industry leaders including Juniper Networks, Motorola, and Nortel Networks. Founded in March 2002, Trapeze is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with operations in Europe, Japan, and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please visit www.trapezenetworks.com .

(1)ABI Research: Who Leads in WLAN Security? December 2006.

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