Ensinger's Tecapeek® Offers Engineers a High Quality, Lower Stress, Easier to Machine Stock Shape

Ensinger, Inc., a world leading PEEK extruder, has been using Victrex® PEEK polymer for extruding TECAPEEK® for over thirty years. VICTREX®, the first resin supplier to make PEEK polymer, owns and controls the resin manufacturing process from start to finish. Control of the process assures integrity of the finished product at all points, resulting in fewer particulates. Lower levels of particulates means lower stress levels and higher purity in TECAPEEK stock shapes, making them easier to machine.

Using the uniform and consistent PEEK polymer resin, Ensinger extrudes TECAPEEK on dedicated equipment and uses a 9 point quality inspection process that reduces any possibility of contamination. TECAPEEK is the material of choice where quality, purity, dimensional stability, as well as thermal, chemical, and combustion properties are critical to performance. TECAPEEK can retain its flexural and tensile properties at temperatures in excess of 160ºC (320ºF). The addition of glass fiber reinforcements enhances the mechanical and thermal properties of basic TECAPEEK material.

TECAPEEK meets a variety of agency certifications and specifications. It complies with compositional requirements of FDA regulations CFR 177.2415 for repeat contact with food. TECAPEEK meets ASTM D4000-08 PEEK; ASTM D6262-05 S-PAEK01; MIL-P-46183 Type 1 (essential for military applications). TECAPEEK medical grade meets biocompatibility ISO 10993.

For more information call 1-800-243-3221, Fax 724-746-9209, e-mail sales@ensinger-ind.com  or visit www.ensinger-inc.com.

TECAPEEK is a registered trademark of Ensinger. VICTREX is a registered trademark of Victrex Manufacturing, LTD.

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