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Engines are suited for power generators and AG pumps.

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Jul 14, 2006 - Featuring cylinder heads that perform at 20,000 hr life-cycle span, Endura(TM) integrated systems provide on-site, continuous-duty power utilizing multi-fuel energy sources. They can produce electricity in tandem with, or independent of, utility grid systems or direct shaft power. Products are suited for fielded power generation units as well as low-emissions agricultural (AG) irrigation pumps.

I POWER Energy Systems, LLC - Anderson, IN

Original Press Release

I Power Introduces New Endura(TM) Engines for Power Generators & AG Pumps

Press release date: Jun 12, 2006

ANDERSON, Ind., June 12 -- I Power Energy Systems LLC announced today the introduction of new, motorsports engine technologies for their on-site, continuous-duty, electrical power generators to reduce the number of service "pit stops" and increase uptime performance.

Located just 25 miles Northeast of the Racing Capital of the World, I Power called upon the expertise of Menard Engineering, a renowned racing engine developer and builder located in Indianapolis, to apply the same extended engine durability technologies to the company's highly modified truck engines which utilize natural gas to generate cleaner, more efficient electrical power.

Menard and I Power engineers have developed prototype cylinder head improvements that are now performing at the 20,000 hour life-cycle span, virtually matching the service life schedules of products in the heavy duty category which use more expensive diesel engines. Currently the new Endura(TM) engines have been installed in several fielded power generation units and in new ultra low-emissions I Power agricultural irrigation pump engines.

"This is one of the best examples of synergy between technology centers here in Indiana that have been promoted and supported by the State of Indiana," noted I Power President Terry Pahls. "We are infusing technology from the motorsports business clusters in Indianapolis and are now positioned to be even more competitive in the growing field of energy efficiency," Pahls added.

I Power products are unique integrated systems, providing on-site power generation that can utilize multi-fuel energy sources to produce efficient electricity in tandem with or independent of the utility grid systems or direct shaft power. When combined with an innovative exhaust heat recovery system and proprietary controller technologies, the I Power distributed power units offer maximum efficiencies and attractive energy alternatives for consumer markets.

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Contact: Terry Pahls of I Power Energy Systems LLC, +1-765-621-8107