Engineered-to-Order HB3000-S Blower Purge Compressed Air Dryers

LAKE CITY, PA, USA - Van Air Systems announces the successful start-up of four model HB3000-S blower purge compressed air dryers by Intermountain Power Service Corporation (IPSC) at the Intermountain Power Project (IPP) near Delta, Utah.

The company projects that the dryers will yield an annual savings of approximately $225,000 attributed to reduced energy and maintenance costs.

"We examined our entire air system, looking to minimize air consumption, increase efficiency, and improve system reliability," says Bret Kent, Lead Engineer at IPSC. "Van Air was the only bidder to seriously address the requirements in our specification," says Kent. "They didn't offer an off-the-shelf design, but bent over backwards to meet our needs."

"One of our core strengths is the design and production of engineered-to-order products," says Jeff Mace, Manager of Sales and Marketing at Van Air Systems.
"This was a very successful project," says Kent. "Working with Van Air was a very pleasant experience."

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