Engineered Lubricants work on wood-plastic composites.

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STRUKTOL® TPW 104 is designed for use in polyolefin compounds, whereas TPW 113 is designed for use in polyolefin-wood composites where formulation contains reactive chemical coupling agents. Suited for use in polyolefin and styrenic compounds, TPW 101 general-purpose lubricant blend improves pigment and filler dispersion and eliminates edge tearing. TPW 012 combines internal and external lubricants, providing optimal fusion characteristics for PVC composites.

Original Press Release:

Struktol Presents Engineered Lubricants for Wood-Plastic Composites

STRUKTOL® TPW products designed for optimized processability of wood-plastic composite profiles and compounds.

Stow, OH: Struktol Company of America, a global leader in specialty plastic processing additives, continues to develop unique, market leading Engineered Lubricant Packages for Wood-Plastic Composites - STRUKTOL® TPW. These products complement STRUKTOL® TR products, which are used extensively throughout the growing wood-composite compounding industry. This line of polymer-specific process additives includes products for polyolefin, styrenic and PVC-wood composites and is designed to significantly increase output rates, improve color dispersion, reduce edge tearing and improve overall product performance.

The products included in this series are:

o STRUKTOL® TPW 104 is designed for use in polyolefin compounds and will provide significant processing improvement versus conventional lubrication systems.

o STRUKTOL® TPW 012 is a unique combination of internal and external lubricants that provide optimal fusion characteristics, reduced processing torque and higher output rates versus conventional PVC lubricants.

o STRUKTOL® TPW 113 is designed for use in polyolefin-wood composites specifically where the formulation contains reactive chemical coupling agents to provide physical property improvements

o STRUKTOL® TPW 101 is a general-purpose lubricant blend designed to improve pigment and filler dispersion as well as eliminate edge tearing. This product can be used in polyolefin and styrenic compounds.

Struktol Company of America, headquartered in Stow, OH, continues to take an active role in developing new, process and material specific products designed for optimal processing of wood-plastic composites. New products will be coming to market over the course of the next year, which represent significant advances in technology for this industry. As the industry leader, Struktol believes that compounders and processors should expect more from its additives supplier and realize more in terms of performance, benefits and value added services with Struktol products.

For detailed information on STRUKTOL® TPW, please visit the company's web site, or contact them directly at:

Struktol Company of America o 201 E. Steels Comers Road o Stow, Ohio USA 44224

Michael S. Fulmer, Product Manager - Plastic Additives o (800)327-8649 o (330)928-5188 o Fax:(330)928-8726

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