Engine Panels utilize J1939 CANbus protocol.

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Housed in NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with clear lockable door, CANplus 600 provides quad-gauge viewing with choice of up to 16 gauge readings. It includes heavy-duty IP64 key switch and IP67 rocker type throttle switch. Providing universal automatic start/stop platform for electronically and mechanically governed engines, CANplus 750 offers same features as CANplus 600 with additional options. Built-in wireless telemetry communication via Messenger module enables remote engine monitoring.

Original Press Release:

LOFA Industries, Inc. Launches Next-Generation Electronically Controlled Engine Panels

CANplus(TM) 600 and CANplus(TM) 750 Feature Large LCD Displays and Telemetry Capabilities.

ATLANTA, December 7, 2007 - LOFA Industries, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of quality engine components since 1989, announced today it will launch two new innovative electronically controlled engine panels utilizing J1939 CANbus protocol. These user-friendly, easy to operate, plug-n-play control panels each feature a large LCD display. With the push of a button, these displays can be custom configured in the field to show pertinent information in the form of analog gauge instruments or simple digital readouts. Both panels provide many specific flexible options, including telemetry, with its wireless remote monitoring capabilities. The CANplus 600 and CANplus 750 are currently available to manufacturers and distributors.

The competitively priced CANplus 600 has one of the largest and most feature-packed LCD displays available in this market segment. The panel display provides quad-gauge viewing with a choice of up to 16 gauge readings. This panel features a heavy-duty IP64 key switch and an IP67 rocker type throttle switch, housed in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with a clear lockable door.

The CANplus 750 has the same features as the CANplus 600, plus many more options. This panel is a universal automatic start/stop platform, which can be used for both electronically and mechanically governed engines. This auto start/stop platform offers worry-free operation utilizing simultaneous float and/or transducer inputs, providing redundant start/stop capabilities. The CANplus 750 has several different throttle options, the most unique being LOFA's rotary digital throttle control with push-to-set speed limits. The panel offers optional built-in wireless telemetry communication via LOFA's Messenger module. The embedded Messenger allows the equipment owner to remotely monitor engine specific parameters, alarm conditions, as well as GPS mapping information. In the event of equipment malfunctions, equipment owners and end users can be quickly notified from the web via computer-generated voice-prompted phone messages, text messages and/or email, sent to a list of pre-determined phone numbers and email addresses.

"These products were developed in response to customer feedback in order to meet the future needs of Tier 2 and Tier 3 electronically governed engine requirements. As a result, we are providing the marketplace with two highly innovative, customizable, competitively priced products," said Peter Herbrand, Founder and President of LOFA Industries, Inc.

For more detailed information on the CANplus 600 and CANplus 750 and to test run the simulator of the panels' LCD display, please visit LOFA Industries, Inc. at www.LOFA.net.

LOFA INDUSTRIES, INC., a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia, manufactures and markets high quality engine control systems, panels and accessories to the off-highway industrial diesel engine industry. Providing innovative leadership, custom controls and turnkey solutions to the industry are central to LOFA's strategic mission. For more information visit www.LOFA.net

CANplus(TM) (registration pending) is a trademark of LOFA Industries, Inc.

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