Engine Oil Preheater Kits target air-cooled engines.

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Available in sizes based on 120 or 240 V energy needed for capacity of housing, Universal Low Watt Density Preheater(TM) Kits feature flexible silicone/fiberglass heating pad that mounts to outside of housing using permanent adhesive. Flexible ceramic insulation is mounted on top of preheater to keep electrical energy draw low. Preheater converts metal of housing into heat transfer element, eliminating burning oil by exposing large surface of oil to low watt heat.

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Engine Oil Preheater(TM) Low Watt Density

NORTH AURORA, Ill., -- E TIP, Inc. announces the availability of the Universal Low Watt Density (LWD) Preheater(TM) Kits for engines, transmissions, hydraulics, gear boxes, bulk oil tanks, reservoirs etc. Kit sizes are based on the 120v or 240v energy needed for the capacity of the housing.

The flexible silicone/fiberglass heating pad mounts permanently to the outside of the housing using a permanent adhesive. A specialized flexible ceramic insulation is mounted on top of the LWD Universal Preheater(TM) keeping the electrical energy draw low. The LWD design uses 1/3 less energy than conventional block heaters and in-line coolant heaters. The LWD Pre heater(TM) converts the metal of the housing into a heat transfer element eliminating burning the oil by exposing a large square inch surface of oil to low watt heat.

The LWD Universal Preheater(TM) is ideally suited to air-cooled engines.

Efficiency of the Universal Preheater(TM) stays like new and comes has a three year warranty. No drilling or welding is required as the Universal Preheater(TM) mounts to the outside of the housing using a permanent Peel & Stick adhesive. A typical installation takes from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. There is no risk of engine or hydraulic oil or coolant leaks because no system is invaded.

The Universal Preheater(TM) is part of a specialized product line offered by ETIP covering safety, security and maintenance. Some of the different products include a king pin lock, helicopter landing zone lights, strobe lights, cable lock alarm and non contact infrared thermometer.

The LWD Universal Preheater(TM) reduces the cold start load on the engine electrical system, too. Battery and starter life is extended. Wear and tear on the engine itself is reduced because the heated oil provides instant lubrication even in the coldest weather. Hot oil helps that last engine bearing on start up to get lubrication sooner and to last longer.

The Universal Heater Company also designs custom Preheaters for a wide variety of applications. From Coast Guard Cutters and other vessels operating in severe cold climates to ATMs in Alaska to Oil Drilling rigs in Siberia, we have designed and delivered innovative Pre heaters to improve performance and operations in very cold places.

Visit our website to see the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater(TM) designed to prevent diesel fuel gelling in cold weather. www.etipinc.com. Call us at 800-530-5064, FAX 630-801-9569, e mail: sales@etipinc.com.

CONTACT: E TIP, Inc., 1-800-530-5064, Fax, +1-630-801-9569, sales@etipinc.com

Web Site: www.etipinc.com

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